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tears Long time, no see…AGAIN. I know, I should hit myself, burn in hell, etc. etc. XD Anyways, I just finished my first semester at university, whoohoo! *-* That was fast, I just can´t believe this was all. I mean…how often did I go to my lessons? Like, 8-10 times (excluding truancy)?
My exams were…okay, I guess. I´m still angry about my results in the two theology exams (2,0 in New Testament and 2,7 in Old Testament), but thinking about the fact that I mainly guessed the answers (multiple choice)…it´s okay. But still not good enough to satisfy my ambition. <_<
Linguistics was okay… I got a 1,7, but could have gotten way more points if it weren´t for my nervousness. Stupid mistakes in the multiple choice part AGAIN, arrr…
Results for my drama exam is yet to come, I´m very courious. The exam was pure evil, but I guess at least I passed.

The only thing that´s left now is my term paper in Christian History. The topic I chose is „The reasons and backgrounds of the Anglican Church´s foundation“, because I love Britain history. <3 Those of you who used to watch „The Tudors“ on Pro 7 (a.k.a. The porn King and his member) get an image of what I´ll write about. Now there´s this big, big pile of historic books beside my bedstand I have to read through – but some of the books are really good. Still, I´d love to read a fitting novel to get more of a personal access to the topic. Maybe someone of my readers now a book that contains Henry VIII?

And yes, I promised to myself that I will blog more often from now on. *crosses fingers*

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