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eyesOne evening, my boyfriend and me sat together and talked about stereotypes in the case of porn stars. Sounds funny, but is the topic itself really that definite and clear? In the world of pornography, each and every preference, fetish and kinkiness is being served the right material. Apart of movies concerning animals, furniture or trees, it contains people, mostly women. Now, everyone of you will have a certain type of women right in their mind – blonde, big busted, tanned. This seems to be the common image of a porn star and we, the „normal“ girls, think that every man would willingly and drooling  stumble into Pamela Anderson´s cleavage.
Well, is that so? We thought and discussed about it and came to no conclusion, since it would be difficult to start a field study or survey on our own. But since the USA have a flourishing (I wouldn´t say „booming“) porn industry and the world´s biggest ammount of appropriate homepages, it should be possible to measure the preferences according to the sales result. And we were right – and found the „Top 100 Porn Stars“ from 2008.
So, wie didn´t give our right hands a break and began to analyse the porn stars by looking at their hair, skin and breasts (performance analysis would have taken far too long ;P) and compiled charts to find out the stereotypical porn star until our backsides hurt.
It wasn´t that easy since both of us had different opinions in the question what´s „big“ and „small“, „tanned“ and „normal“ and so on, so we had to find some midways.
Let´s see what we´ve got:


Stereotype no.1 – The breasts. No surprises for me here. 65% of the Top 100 porn stars have big (and bigger) hooters.


Stereotype no.2 – The Hair : Yes, we mean the hair on their head. Surprisingly, there are more girls with dark hair than blondes. Could it be that peroxide blonde hair is a relic from the 90´s ?


Stereotype no.3 – The skin: Don´t worry girls, men don´t seem to like women who look like fried sausages! Bad news on the other hand: Winter paleness doesn´t seem to be sexy either.

So, let me put this to a conclusion: The typical popular porn star is big breasted, tends to have dark hair and a normal skin color. It seems as if some prejudices are true, but some are not.

Extra information for those who are interested: The most popular porn star in 2008 was Jenna Jameson – blonde, big busted, normal skin color and big, scary grey eyes. Maybe some guys have a fetish for aliens?

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  • GongShi 14. Februar 2009 at 19:02

    I’ve to admit, after having laid down all the data, I found the pie charts we initally made more apparent.
    And for you, dear consumer of such, with „big“ breasts we mean big breasts – more often than not we were inclined to name bigger natural ones „normal“…
    And a lot of these „stars“ looked like „snags“. It seems about 15% of the girls are not popular because of their appearance.

  • Noi 15. Februar 2009 at 19:03

    Well, but we don´t know how the backsides of these snags looked like. Maybe it´s that what men like. ôO

  • Mika 18. Februar 2009 at 14:12

    lol, you guys have quite too much time XD but it really is interesting! I believed in this blonde thing as well. O_o; but hey, I have finally got internet at home! TT_TT yayyyyy *freudentränen* <3 und so ca ab dem 22- bis min 27. werd ich in hannover sein, biste da auch da? is die mey da vll auch mal da? dann könnten wir mal wie in ganzzzzzzz alten zeiten zu dritt was in hannover machen <3

  • Noi 18. Februar 2009 at 19:15

    Also, ich bin dann bestimmt da, wo sollte ich auch hin? XD Ob Mey dann auch da sein wird, weiß ich noch nicht, das müssen wir alles noch besprechen. :3

  • Mika 22. Februar 2009 at 13:16

    jaaaaa, ich fahr heute los und werd so gegen abend da sein.
    ich glaub michi hat grad kein internet, wenn mich nich alles täuscht is der router kaputt.
    aber ihr habt ja auch festnetz, oder?

    cool, ich freu mich schon <3

  • Noi 28. Februar 2009 at 17:48

    Ja, meine Nummer hast du ja noch, oder?^-^

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