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evercool_kurofai01_fin2Initially, this post was supposed to contain groundbreaking  new insights in the world of male porn stars. You may remember my last entry when I told you about the phenotypes of female pornstars. Well, we did it again – this time we checked out the men…or at least what the porn industry calls „a man“.
The sad truth is : There is nothing new at this front. We compared about 60 porn stars who acted in more than 20 movies and the only sure thing we can say is that assumedly 99% of them had a penis. The missing 1% …well, you get the image.

The typical porn star is what we imagine him to be: a short-haired muscleman with not a single hair on his whole body. Long hair seems to be totally out of vogue, but I think the reason is easy to explain – short hair doesn´t get sticky that easily.
There´s also a small ammount of what we called „Bubis“ (milksobs), they can be mostly found in gay movies. What can I say about them, they reminded me of the reason why I personally don´t like real gay porn. I mean… what we want to see is this….and what do we get?! *shrieks*

But the strangest thing about this all were the statistics were the numbers of movies the actors have on their profiles. On the one hand, there are males who acted in over 400 (!) porn movies… and then there are guys who only appeared in 1-7 movies. How can this large gab be explained? Well, I can´t, but it scares the hell out of me. You can´t even explain it with „he slept his way up“, which all of them did.

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  • Angelkiry 19. Februar 2009 at 20:36

    Hey Süße!!!

    jaja, immer diese kurzhaarmachos in den pornos^^
    naja, was bleibt ihnen andres übrig als im porno so zu tun als ob sie ne frau kriegen würden,
    wer würde die denn im wahren leben schon haben wolln…

    mal was andres: hast du /ihr euch mal überlegt ob ihr im august mit zu Mera Luna wollt???
    Nightwish, Subway to Sally etc. treten auf und der preis is echt in ordnung…

  • Höhöhö 10. März 2009 at 11:54

    Muhar, den Blog gibts ja immer noch.

    Und nene, Mera Luna ist doch plöd. Überall geschminkte Gossiks und doofe Musik, das muss doch nicht sein. Fahrt lieber dort hin: 🙂


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