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Happy Penguin-Slapping

animal_18…and a happy new year to you all! Of course, I´ll keep blogging in 2009, even though nobody of you drops me a comment anymore. T-T (unless you´re my boyfriend and are being forced to do so)

To be honest, I started writing this post yesterday and wanted to make a retrospective on the old year. But there were….issues that kept me away from finishing my entry. Now I have to turn everything into present-fitting formulations, wah. XD

So, how did 2008 end for me? Basically, the last day were almost all about Dexter. Some of you might know this series, although it was being broadcasted later in the Monday nights (after „Californication“). As for me, I like crime books and series with lots of blood and kinkiness, but in my eyes there exist just too many in German TV. They seem to be all the same (and, in fact, some of them are. It´s the same with hospital series.), so I was a bit sceptical when we started watching the episodes a few weeks ago. But „Dexter“ is truely different, as it tells the story from the other side of the moon: from the murderer´s point of view.
Dexter Morgan works as blood-trace analyst for the police of Miami. He´s unconspicous, polite and nobody would expect that he has kind of an unusual hobby: He kills criminals that the police couldn´t catch. Dexter´s not a super-hero, nor does he have a special sense of justice. He has this urge, since his childhood, and only his „activities“ keep him away from insanity and the shadows in his mind.
Special about this series is how it can interfere in the spectator´s feelings. One can´t help but sympathize with Dexter and hope that nobody would find out about his true nature. Even though one KNOWS that he is the bad guy and that he did terrible things to his victims.
Shortly said: I love it and have seldomly been excited about a series like I am about Dexter. Unfortunately, it is unsure if Dexter season 2 and 3 will be published in germany since the were very low due to the late broadcasting. <_<BUT we already….got held of the next season in English. <3 A bit exhausting because of the mumbling, but hey – addictions have to be fulfilled! 😀
I recommend the series to everyone of you who has too much time left and needs some good entertainment. <3

Have a bloody good new year!

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  • Angelkiry 1. Januar 2009 at 22:11

    Happy new year sweetie!!!

  • Clydefrosch 2. Januar 2009 at 0:14

    ich wusste nicht das es dich hier noch gibt 😮
    und ich weiß meistens nicht mehr, was ich noch schreiben könnte D: tut mir leid

    *kenn dexter auch nich*

  • Clydefrosch 2. Januar 2009 at 0:15

    deine blog uhr geht vor oo

  • Noi 2. Januar 2009 at 14:26

    Ich habe eine Bloguhr?XD

  • GongShi 2. Januar 2009 at 16:14

    Happ New Year to you all!

  • Clydefrosch 3. Januar 2009 at 1:03

    die wo unter dem namen so

  • Angelkiry 24. Januar 2009 at 21:41

    hey Motte,
    wann bloggst du denn mal wieder?

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