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Confusion & Sally

I really love autumn. Everything´s so colorful and smells good…like rain, leaves and cozyness. Every day when I go to university I can see a whole field and a small forest that seems to be painted in red and yellow. But today, a big ammount of leaves had already fall off the trees, which made me feel a bit sad. Autumn is the shortest season after all and I really long to have at least one walk through one of those colorful forests before it will be gone. But I´m afraid that there will be no more chance since I´m quite busy at the moment. What a pity.

I already mentioned it, university has started for me this week and everything´s new and exciting, yet confusing. I got to know more people in a few days than I have known for years. One the one hand it´s very interesting and surely useful…but on the other I find it rather exhausting (not only because of the fact that most people are silly <_<). It makes me even stronger realize how lucky I am to know some really fine people. I really wish you could be here, guys.
My study subjects are pretty okay, I guess. I´ve only had a few during the last days, but theology seems to be interesting and relaxing. <3 I love the topics we´re going to deal with in bible studies I + II, I´m eager to learn for those. German language and literature studies make me….afraid. The university of Hannover is known to have the hardest German lectures, and since I got to know one of my professors I´m going to believe it. *gweh* But I will wait and see what´s going on next week. These first lectures deserve only one name…chaotic (except of theology, don´t ask me why. Maybe it´s god´s love or something. XD). Full courses, wrong course dates, no agreements…geez. But, oh well, the food is good. 😀
Maybe it´s the feared first-year depression, but sometimes there are some moments in which I just want to go and get a long hug from somebody. Just to let the trouble behind me and refuel some energy. Everything´s so new and exciting after all… just have to get used to it.

Im Wintertal, im schwarzen Beerenkraut,
da hat der Schnee sein Nest gebaut
und fragt nicht, wo die Liebe sei.
Und habe doch das rote Tier so tief
erfahren, als ich bei dir schlief.
Wär nur der Winter erst vorbei
und wieder grün der Wiesengrund
…ich bin so wild nach deinem Erdbeermund.

Last wednesday, Iri and me went to see a concert of „Subway to Sally“ in Hannover. <3 It took place at the „Capitol“, a rather small and cozy location and we had the best places EVER. Balcony, first row, just a few meters away from the stage. It was actually the first time I got to SEE the act on a concert, watch every movement and even the facial expression of the singer.
Eric Fish wore his usual latex-leather-thing-coat with the short trousers, very stylish…especially his little beer belly. XD To make it short, the concert was simply great. They played a good mix of old and new songs, even though I missed some of the classics like „Maria“ or „Auf der Reise“. My personal highlight was the performance of „Erdbeermund„, which is one of the most beautiful lovesongs (and poems – it´s originally a poem written by Villon) I know (and one of my StS-favorites). I almost began to shiver. <3
PLUS I totally adore Frau Schmitt, the violinist. She had a really elegant yet sporty outfit with a short dress and a long, long coat…and of course, her violin play was very good, too. <3
All in one it was a very great evening…AND I found my car again after the show.

Next event will be on friday, but I won´t tell anything about it here now since it will be a present for a special someone, harr. But I´m really looking forward to it.

EDIT: Just did this and broke out in heavy laughter.

Neskaya.Net Quiz: What Will Your Baby Look Like

What Will Your Baby Look Like?

HOLY FREEZING HELL!! ……I won´t be able to carry this one!! (but it looks just like the mother. I think I will name him…Kevin.)

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  • Clydefrosch 18. Oktober 2008 at 22:53

    Hier sind Herbstblätter irgendwie nur so… kotzig gelb D:
    Und sie machen nicht mal mehr dieses crunshige Geräusch beim drüberlaufen… T-T der Herbst hat hier alle Wunder verloren….

    Irks… Universität und so… Unsicherheit, Selbstzweifel und Depressionen spielen schon Ringelreihen in meinem Selbstbewusstsein xD
    Ich hab in 2 Fächern schon gute 500 Seiten Lesestoff und versteh ihn soweit gar nicht @@
    OMG und alles

    Mein Baby wird entweder so wie deins, oder Afroamerikanisch… ich bin noch unschlüssig ob ich sehr haarig bin oder nich xD

    PS: ich kann diesen spamschutz kaum entziffern >.<

  • Mika 19. Oktober 2008 at 23:56

    *gives you a hug* I never heard of a first year depression, to me it seems like everything is just way too busy to have any feelings like depression. *lol*


  • GongShi 21. Oktober 2008 at 2:24

    Vielleicht hat ja jeder Studiengang das gewisse Besondere, dass man als Eigenschaft immer wieder finden kann? Viele Religionsgemeinschaften leben vom Zusammengehörigkeitsgefühl, da liegt es doch nahe, dass die Theologen das so ausleben, dass für ihre Schäfchen gut gesorgt zu sein scheint. So wie die Eltern den Kindern sein sollten, damit diese empfangene Liebe nachher weitergeben können… *hmm* Und Germanisten scheinen auf besondere Art zu leben. Investigative Charaktere werden eben erwartet, die später die Tradition der Ellenbogen-Konkurrenz fortsetzen können. (Achtung: Undifferenziertes Klischee!) Oder?

  • Noi 27. Oktober 2008 at 21:11

    @Benny: Schön, dass du hier mal wieder auftauchst und gleich was zum motzen hast. XDD Also, du kannst den Spamtext doch aktualisieren…da wirds wohl irgendwas geben, was du lesen kannst?

    @Mika: Lucky you. *lol*

    PS: Ich habe gerade bei meinem Spamschutz das Wort Luedeking gehabt. Und was les ich daraus? Ludeking. *umkrach*

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