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Well yeah, I´m kinda back in town after my illness. It´s still not completely gone, but at least I feel much better now than a week ago. The week before last was pretty eventful, but I don´t think I will write about it in detail. Friday: ASP in concert (Osnabrück) and Saturday: Strip-Show. LOL. Freakish combination, but both events were very interesting (Well…“interesting“ is not quite the word to describe the „American Dream Men“ show, which Iri had invited me to. It was more…inspiring.*g*). ASP was pretty nice to listen to, lots of songs from the new Krabat-album and I absolutely loved Alexanders life singing and (again) the violonist. <3 If you have the chance, you should go and experience it yourself.

Lying in bed and being ill, one comes to thing about things they normally don´t ponder on. In my case, I thought about old friends and my way of keeping in touch with them. Years ago I was a regular writer of long letters, which was a good and enjoyable way to share thoughts. Then came the stressful time in highschool and more and more I came to let those writing habits slide. The internet became the more efficient way to keep in touch with people, but it did not work in every aspect.
Then, some months ago, I got a letter from a really old friend of mine. I guess this was one of the main impulses for me to think about some really good friendships I had lost over the years. Nostaligic, eh? Unfortunately, most of the adresses and numbers have been lost over the years, so I´ll hardly have a chance to touch base with those people.
But sometimes, there´s something like…fortunate coincidence. Years ago I lost contact to a really good friend of mine. I had tried to find her several times, because the contact ran dry very abruptly and without any visible reason. To cut a long story short: Encouraged by the thoughts of my flu-sick mind I gave the search a second chance and…succeeded! This is so crazy, but I´m totally happy that I finally found her. <3 Good to have you back, Reiki. *clings*

Well, this story taught me one thing: There may be coincidences like that, but reality looks like that: Once you´ve lost a good friend they will be irrecoverably lost. I have some really great and patient friends and I don´t want to lose any of them by not keeping the contact. So I decided to try harder and don´t let those contacts run dry by being lazy. Big words since there will be stressful times coming – but I´ll do my best.

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  • Clydefrosch 27. Oktober 2008 at 21:55

    Jap… jaja, da steckt zu viel wahres drinne, wenn man sich erst mal aus den Augen verliert, kann man den Göttern danken, wenn man sich noch ein zweites mal findet *mal in Richtung Mey schiel*

    Vor allem in heutiger Zeit, wo die Menschen auch gerne mal kurzfristig einfach in ein anderes Land gehen und weg sind.
    Andererseits findet man über das Internet oft viele Leute schnell wieder, aber manche eben auch nie… was schade ist.

    Ja… Kontakt is unheimlich wichtig und bleibt schnell auf der Strecke, also immer dran arbeiten!

  • Mika 29. Oktober 2008 at 9:27

    sometimes it really is odd how two person’s path cross again.
    it’s just like with me and ayane, I never thought that we’d ever talk with each other again and now we’re going to share a one room apartment for about one month O_o;
    I was so incredibly happy and thunderstruck. anyway, omdetou for finding reiki, AGAIN! ^-^v

  • mey-meez 29. Oktober 2008 at 18:51

    yah alteh. *reinroll*
    also, mach dir mal keine sorgen darum xD. denn bevor es auch nur im entferntestens soweit kommen könnte, dass unser kontakt abbricht, werde ich dir ganz feste auf die finger hauen. (oder ans knie springen, du darfst es dir aussuchen <3.)
    also gib dir keine mühe, du wirst mich eh nich los. *diabolisch lach*

    und um das ganze noch zu unterstreichen, sind meine zwei wörter, die ich unten eingeben soll „knows heavens“ … grammatik stinkt, aber der sind wird klar, neh? <3

  • Reiki 30. Oktober 2008 at 17:19

    Reunited! <3 Thanks for not forgetting me!~

    (Offtopic. Hallo Mika aka. Anna… XD)

  • Clydefrosch 30. Oktober 2008 at 19:55

    Hello you up there *wave*
    oder auch
    Hallo du da oben *Welle* wenn du deutsch sprichst xD

  • Noi 30. Oktober 2008 at 20:28

    @Mey: Jaaa, dich werd ich ja eh nich mehr los in diesem Leben. XD Nicht, dass ich versuchen wollen würde.

    @Reiki: Ist das nicht verrückt? Wir kennen sogar teilweise die selben Leute. XD

  • Reiki 30. Oktober 2008 at 22:33

    Danke, Clydefrosch . =))
    (Spreche Deutsch und bin Deutsche. =) Aber danke, sehr aufmerksam.)

    @ Noi: Ja, so krass. XD
    Kommt die Anna so in den Sprachunterricht und dann geht’s so:
    „Reiki, hör mal kennst du Noi?“ *lol*
    Ich: „…o_O Noi? Ähm, ja klar.“

  • Mika 1. November 2008 at 1:27

    jajaja, ganz genau so war das *_*
    reiki knuddel
    noi knuddel
    mey knuddel


  • mey-meez 2. November 2008 at 17:57

    *auch einmal mal alle random knuddel* :O

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