Bad Karma

…and they lived happily ever after…by any chance. At least it looks like my personal happy beginning has finally shown up. I know, I announced this several times in the past, but this time it seems to be real: I will be moving out from home around November 11th. +_+~~! Well, I did not quite realize it myself yet, but I´m really looking forward to it. Once all the work will be done.

Well, since the topic „How to live a good life?“ is very relevant for me at the moment, I thought I could post a small book review about a novel I just finished to read.
It is called „Mieses Karma“ by David Safier. Some of my female readers might know his name or at least the series of which he was the main writer: „Verliebt in Berlin“. The implied book is very popular at the moment and listed in many book chart lists. I just got hold of it by accident when my mother tried to cheer me up while I was lying in bed and cooling my aching wisdom tooth hole. Usually, I don´t read light literature like that (means: it is written for women) without historics, fantasy, blood and stuff, but I started reading „Mieses Karma“ anyway.
So, what is it about?

The day I died was no fun at all. And the reason was not my death. Actually: It only just made it on rank 6 of the worst moments on that day. On rank 5 was the moment when Lilly looked at me and asked: ‚Why don´t you stay at home today, Mummy? It´s my birthday!‘ The following answer on this question crossed my mind: ‚If I had known that your birthday would be the day on which the German TV awards were going to be distibuted, I would have made sure that were born earlier. Through c-section!‘

Kim Lange is a successful and popular TV presenter: Her career goes steeply upward and she is even nominated for the German TV award (Deutscher Fernsehpreis). But her private life is suffering under her abnormal ambitions – Her marriage teeters on the brink of collapse, she never has time for her little daughter Lilly and she even has an affair with one of her colleagues on the award night. Then the unexpected happens…Kim dies. And is reborn. As an ant.
Buddha appears in front of her and explains that persons who have collected bad karma in their life will always be reborn as a low life form. The only way to break the circle is to collect good karma by doing a selfless act and die by doing so. This way the person will be reborn as the next higher life form (insect – mammal – pet – human). Kim realizes that this is the only chance to see her family again – and to chase her rival Nina off, who came shortly after Kim´s death to comfort whose husband.
The years go on and Kim gets through one reincarnation after another. She gets help by the incarnation of Casanova and learns more and more about the meaning of family, friendship and love.
Of course, there is some kind of strange ending, but I don´t want to spoil you.

The book is funnier than I first thought. It is weird and cheesy sometimes, but very funny indeed. I especially liked Kim´s incarnation of a Guinea pig. <3 As I said, it´s light literature, good to read while lying in bed. The ending was unbelievably absurd and one-sided, but the rest was okay. Girls will love it.

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  • mika 1. Oktober 2008 at 19:29

    jo, I would have never expected that you’d read anything like that. though it sounds kinda interesting and fun, just well, light literature hits the spot perfectly.
    A very interesting book I read recently, which has been a present as well, is Lulu. main topic is sex and i like it. much better than this like stupid hyped book feuchtebiete <,<; read it out of curiosity.

    well and of couse, OMEDETOU!!! yay, you’re finally moving out! if I shall be around this time in Hannover ( michi studies there again) we could help you carrying stuff.

    so *_* myu

  • Noi 1. Oktober 2008 at 19:38

    Holy Ra…Feuchtgebiete was such a disgusting piece of crap. I heard parts of it as audiobook and really came to curse my colorful fantasy. <_< But I must say that there are really good books in the sex corner. I really liked "Shanghai Baby" and "The Diary of Nancy Chang", you should try them. :3 We can always need some helping hands during the moving-out, so...XD But at first there are some renovating things that have to be done.

  • Mika 2. Oktober 2008 at 10:26

    Do you own those books? *_* could you borrow them to me?
    and well, colorful fantasy might be kinda not so helpful? listening to this book though I’d say there have been one or two scenes which I liked. <,<; like the shaving part XD but anyway the story sucks but anyway, the book was meant to become technical literature… but it turned out differently.

    yosh, I’m good at renovating when are you going to start?


  • Noi 2. Oktober 2008 at 12:01

    Yes, I own those books and yes, you may borrow them. XD The only precondition will be that I find them. I mean, you know the private library in my house. XDD But I think I have the idea where to search first.

    I really was disgusted by the hospital parts. I really don´t care what kind of illness is inside of other people´s butt, so…ärks.

    Well, the first thing to do will be the floor. I hope my brother´ll do it, but before that the laminate has to be bought. A specialist will do the bath renovation, so after that there´s only one thing left to do before the furniture can be brought there….the cleaning.
    Everything will be done within October, so we have a good ammount of time.

  • Mika 7. Oktober 2008 at 0:35

    yay, I so absolutely do love your library and I guess if I’d be let in I would refuse to come out for at least a couple of days. *_* cause reading print outs is much more comfortable and satisfying (?) than using onemanga…

    about this hospital part…. yessssssssssch. that’s been disgusting but still it seems as if it has been her intention to break rules and tabus and so I have to admit… she succeded

    I’d love to say that i will come over as soon as I can, but I fear I won’t be able to do so cause my schedule is … stupid. yes that’s it.
    way too much to do with university and finding a payable room in düsseldorf and starting organising stuff for entrance exams for film and animation in köln.

    purr and well ;_; miss you all.

  • GongShi 8. Oktober 2008 at 1:54

    Girls, you really need a boyfriend!

  • Noi 15. Oktober 2008 at 20:34

    Well, you´re the one to know, I guess. XD

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