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Mood: annoyed by work
Listening to: Alanis Morissette – Are you still mad?
Current obsession: All the things I should not do x.x

Are you still mad I had an emotional affair?
Are you still mad I tried to mold you into
who I wanted you to be?
Are you still mad I didn’t trust your intentions?
…of course you are.

Work sucks, you know. And the deadline comes near and nearer…X__x;;; Only two weeks left until my English exam (panic factor: Not-so-high)…and three weeks until my biology exam, GASPOMGWTF!!! @__@ To be honest: I did not even *really* start to learn for biology. Everytime I sit down with the intention to do so and look at the books and my not existing notes, I react like…omgee, no~…can do that tomorrow, maybe I will understand more then. =.=
…angst!! That´s SO stupid since I have like…almost no knowledge about biology. XD I should be studying day and night, but instead of it I focus on Latin and English, which is at least a bit fun, and properly ignore my biuology books…ugh. This is gonna be a catastrophe.

Relaxing during your a-level preparation time is not so easy, at least for me. I STILL do more random things (drawing, writing…) than I should. And it gnaws at my conscience like a mad dog! X_x;; I mean, I´m not lazy with my learning, so I kinda earned some free time, but…I guess I can´t truely relax until my exams are over at the beginning of may. >.<

I was at the hairdresser yesterday and had my hair cut. :3 I had really started to hate my hair recently…I try to nurture my hair, so I can have a nice hairstyle at the prom, but that´s quite a problem. Because my hair is very thick and heavy, and everything hangs down very ugly. Plus, I couldn´t see anything on my left side and my hair tended to dangle into my food.<.<
So I decided to let the hairdresser do something, and she did very well. :3 Now I have bangs, the hair is layered again and I look very much younger now. XD Unfortunately, my digicam still refuses to do its work, so I couldn´t take a photo. But you can imagine it looking very much like THIS. Hopefully I´ll be able to take some photos soon. v.v

Yes….and because I don´t know what do write, I´ll post some song survey stuff. XD Have fun.

A song survey

Which song do you associate with…
…your early childhood?: Schwarz-Braun ist die Haselnuss – Papa XD
…your mom?: Everything by the Rolling Stones
…your dad?: Uhm…Eric Clapton or Johnny Cash I think
…your first year(s) in school?: All that she wants – Ace of Base
…your adolescence?: Rammstein – Spieluhr
…your first girl/boyfriend?: uhm…*lol*
…your first own apartment/house?: I don´t own a house or apartment.@_@
…your first car?: …
…your husband/wife/girl/boyfriend?: I don´t have one.*lol*
…spring?: ehm…ehm…Alle Vöglein sind schon da?XD Dunno…
…summer?: Katrina & the Waves – Walking on sunshine
…fall?: Roxette – Queen of Rain
…winter?: Dune – Winter kills
…Christmas?: Wham! – Last Christmas (can´t overhear it around christmas time…)
…life?: Beautiful World – In the beginning
…death?: Evanescence – My immortal
…the ocean?: Within Temptation – Stand ! my ground (don´t ask me why XD)
…the jungle?: Phil Collins – Two Worlds
…the desert?: Sting – Desert Rose
…the mountains?: I…have no idea o_O *thinks of something folkish*
…the stars?: Lunar Silver Star Story – Wind´s Nocturne
…war?: Schandmaul – Vor der Schlacht
…peace?: Loreena McKennit – Dante´s Prayer
…the ‘60´s?: Bacchara – Yes Sir I can boogie (is that from the 60´s anyway?XD)
…the ‘70´s?: Disco trash & Co XD
…the ‘80´s?: ….shame on me. Modern Talking – Cherry Cherry Lady
…the ‘90´s?: DJ Bobo – Somebody dance with me
…bad times so much that you can´t stand listening to it?: Michael Bolton – Soul of my Soul
…light?: Fiction Juction KAORI – Tsubasa
…darkness?: Rammstein – Mein Herz brennt
…truth?: Truth?What? I don´t know?XD
What´s your favorite song to listen to…
…on Friday night?: Something cheerful to stay awake XD
…on Sunday morning?: Nothing…sunday mornings a! re for sleeping
…when you´re driving in your car?: Steppe! nwolf – Born to be wild <3
…while sharing a sexy moment with your lover?: *cough* Well…if I have to choose one song…I´d choose Nightwish – Sleeping sun
…when you´re feeling blue?: Schandmaul – Ein Stück Regenbogen
…when you want some attitude?: which attitude?<.<?
…when you´re ridiculously happy?: Natasha Bedingfield – Size matters
…when you´re partying?: Nelly Furtado – Maneater (best dancing song ever <3)
…while cleaning the house?: …cleaning the house?BWAHA XD
…when you´re furious?: In Flames – The Quiet Place
…when you stay up all night drinking wine, alone or with a close friend?: I don´t drink alcohol *lol* But if you mean tea with a friend…well, everything is alright. :3
…at dawn?: Everything that wakes me up
…while you´re working out?: work out?BWAHA XD
Which song…
…do you sing in the shower?: I don´t sing in the shower <.
…makes your skin crawl?: Die drei Musketiere Musical – Milady i! st zurück
…would open the mixed CD you put together for a new friend?: My current favorite song… Leaves Eyes – Farewell Proud Men
…makes you wanna dance?: *screams* Nelly Furtado – All good thing, aaaaargh, I can´t get it out of my head…
…tops the “25 most played” list on your iPod?: Leaves Eyes – Farewell Proud Men
…would you like to be played at your funeral?: <.…makes you think “This is a work of genius!” every time you hear it?: Alanis Morissette – Queen of Rain
…was the best soundtrack to a scene in a movie ever?: Mulan – Be a man XDD
…makes you laugh because it´s just funny?: Rammstein & Tatu – Barbie Girl
…makes you laugh because it´s so bad?: Alexander Klaws – Take me tonight
…would you consider ‘evil‘?: Samsas Traum – Embryonenvernichtungsfabrik
…opened the first concert you ever went to?: In Extremo – Spielmann <3
…has the best title ever?: …don´t know oO
…is t! he ultimate love song?: Dance of the Vampires – For Sarah <3…is the ultimate heartbreak song?: Pink – Who knew
…upsets you?: Christina Aguilera – Hurt //Sonata Arctica – Tallula & Last Drop Falls
…was the last song you heard where you thought “This is not as good as I re: …finish the sentence?
…is the saddest song ever?: Ein Lied von Liebe und Tod – Trauriger Sonntag
…has the best opening line?: Good Question
…do you feel embarrassed for liking?: I don´t feel embarassed for liking something
…do you feel that your friends just fail to appreciate the greatness of?: In Extremo – Küss mich
…makes you cry?: Lord of the Rings – Gollum´s Song // Evanescence – Hello
…goes well with coffee?: ew, coffee
…goes well with a spicy dinner?: Panjabi MC – Jogi
…relaxes you?: Enya – A day without rain
…makes you nostalgic for no apparent reason?: Schandmaul – Der Stein der Weisen
…totally took you by surprise?: Dixie Chicks – Not ready to make nice (usually I hate country music)…describes you?: I don´t think a song would be able to describe me *lol*
…represents your philosophy?: Alanis Morissette – Ironic
…makes you think „Man, I wish I´d written that“?: Samsas Traum – Für immer (great lyrics @o@)
…is the oldest favorite song you still listen to?: hmm…*ponder* The Lion King – Circle of Life?XD
…is the perfect lullaby?: Dido – Here with me
…might just be the best one ever written?: There are toooo many great songs

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