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Bis ans Ende der Welt wollt‘ ich gehen…
Bis ans Ende der Welt wollt‘ ich sehen…
Bis ans Ende der Welt
wollt‘ ich zieh’n mit den Wolken…

Omfg, you won´t believe how GOOD it is to be home again.*dies* This short vacation to the North Sea was a horror trip par excellence. Thanks to my father.
The journey there was relatively relaxing and funny…we drove with two cars, my father had the first car and mum & me the second car.Driving with my father is always a torture, because he´s such an aggressive driver and was in a bad mood all the time anyway. So, my mother and I had a relaxative journey and listened to Schandmaul CDs all the time. <3<3 The first horror happened when we arrived (and it was NOT my father´s fault) and I wanted to get my Schandmaul CD out of the CD-player…………
THE FRICKING PLAYER ATE MY SCHANDMAUL-CD!!!!!!!AAAHAHAAA!! x___X *cries* Now I have to buy it again, amazing~! >__< *SOB!* I really liked that CD and it was quite expensive (for me at least, because normally I don´t buy any CDs). Die, CD-player, DIE!!

…well, enough for the outbursts.*sob*
I would be glad if I could say that the rest of the week was way better…it wasn´t. It became worse from day to day.*lol* I really don´t KNOW what´s wrong with my father. He seemed to have a bad temper all the time, became aggressive and impatient whatever happened…and though he complained that he felt oh-so-bad and almost broke down everytime he went upstairs, he rushed around like a mad cow and refused to indulge himself in some calmness. Great. I tried to completely stay out of his way during the last two days, but it was not that easy, because our house there is very small… That´s the reason why I´m glad to be here again – bigger house, smaller chance to clash with my father.

At least for the learning it was a positive vacation. Because I holed up in my room all the time I had almost nothing to do but learning…I made myself a plan and worked and worked and worked…thanks to that, I´m almost done with the first thematic emphases in Latin & English. <3 Donkey I am, I forgot my biology material at home…arrrgh….-.-;;

Latin is….so much fun to learn! <3<3 No irony, I really had a lot of fun and did even more than I had to. XD I created a full summary of all three books of the „Ars Amatoria“ (The Art of Loving) by Ovid…I simply love this man, as I love that book.*lol* The Ars Amatoria is an ancient guidebook for lovers and people who want to become lovers. It´s written in verses and quite funny and a bit ironic all the time, so I liked to read all three volumes. The first two ones are written for men, the last one includes tips for women. Of course, one has to see the opus in the contemporary context, but most of the things are so…so up-to-date that I had to laugh very often. Ovid understands the male and female nature very well.*lol* I wrote out some of my favorite quotes:

Magister Ovid says…
– „To catch a winged god is my intention!“ (He talks about Cupido, the god of love and passion. <3)

– „My art is not for rich people. Those have the money to buy love. There I give up. Those people are more appealing than my art.“ (Oh so true <.<)

– „Love is like military service. Those who are too lazy should depart. Cowards are not suitable.“

– „Committing adultery is no crime. The crime will happen when your girl catches you flat-footed, because she will kill you then. A woman´s rage is even more scaring than a thousand harpies.“ (This is SO concise! XD)

– „Strive for the goal together!“ (Guess what he means here.*grin*)

– „Basically, every woman can be won. The springbirds will rather quit their songs than a woman doesn´t like being courted.“ ( Mean, but true, somehow.)

– „Careless beauty suits a man. Smooth legs and curly hair are for men who like to attract other men.“ (I wonder…Ovid liked both men and women as lovers…so, was he more a „careless beauty“ or a „Smooth curly type“? XD)

– „A person who pretended to be in love often began to be actually in love.“ (well…such conceit knows no bounds.)

– „Every woman , no matter how ugly she actually is, thinks of herself that she is beautiful.“ (YAY!)

– „Girls have different hearts. Because there are thousands of them, you have to win them in thousand ways!“ (Finally a man who realized that.)

– „If you look for a girl on a party, don´t drink too much. There are two dangers : First, you might drink an ugly girl beautiful and wake up against Medusa. Second, you might behave yourself like an idiot.“ (I really like his attitude XD)

Okay, this is enough now. :3 I could go on and on, but these are my favorites. The next book I will have to read will be Ovid´s „Amores“ (Love poetry), a collection of humourous love stories. <3 I will try to enjoy the topic as long as I can…because the next two topics (Cicero´s rhetorical studies & Livius´s history books) will be quite boring. =_=;;;

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