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Fatal Frustration

Mood: whatever, whatever
Listening to: Train – Drops of Jupiter
Current obsession: contest drawing

Tell me, did you fall for a shooting star
One without a permanent scar
And did you miss me while you were looking for yourself out there…

Oh well, times aren´t easy at the moment. But I´ll start with today´s events, because it´s worth a small report.*drop*

Today was our famous looked-for abi prank, duh. I had to get up around seven to get to our school and help the others with taking all the classes out of their rooms and….walking. Yes. Because we´re not allowed to do anything with the students inside our school building, the committee decided to organize a big procession with the whole school through the town.
The beginning of it was fun, though… I filled my pockets with candy and gave it to the medics. XD The procession itself was… quite exhausting, because those little brats from the 5th and 6th grad weren´t able to stay with their classes and passed even us, the graduates. <-< I had to separate and shout at a few of them, because they decided to have a… physical and definitely non-verbal fight right in front of me. Ohhh, I hate children.
And so I hate that committee´s organisation. We had to wait almost 30 minutes until they had managed to build up the abi band equipment. And everyone asked: Why didn´t they do that BEFORE the procession arrived at the sports field? -_-
It was very cold and it rained casually, so I was definitely NOT in the best mood when they finally started to play. And I got a cold, thanks again. *sob*

…hm, I´ve been generally not in a good mood recently. I dunno, there are many things that just make me mad and angry and frustrated. I´m not a person who freaks out easily, but at the moment… just one wrong word is enough to make me explode…or at least react rather poisonously. And most depressing fact about that is that I´m not even directly affected by the things that annoy me (okay, exept one thing…)… all the bad luck seems to come to my friends instead of touching me. But that doesn´t make it one single bit better. I could just…dunno. Do something stupid… or going crazy pointlessly. Maybe it´s just the weather or my upcoming famous female problem, lol. XD Well, how does a proverb say? If you don´t have any problems, go and make some for you by yourself.
Oh well… don´t ask me what´s going on in my twisted mind.
I need some sunshine. T_T

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Shoot me if it doesn´t work

Mood: busy
Listening to: Mai Yamane – Gotta knock a little harder
Current obsession: new layout-chan

Happiness is just a word to me
And it might have meant a thing or two
If I’d known the difference

Yes, I´m still alive. *lol* My past days were quite busy, omg…so much has happened and I have so much to tell. I had decided to change my blog´s layout due to some graphic error that occurred in some browsers, but unfortunately I didn´t find the time to do it until now. But well, better late than never, so you can call this the second try. *lol* Everything *should* be working now, but I guess I can never be sure, so… I count on my dear visitors.*LOL* As you can see, I kicked the shoutbox for the sake of a clearer overview. And since the comments do work now, everything should be fine.
The navigation on the top is more for me than everything else, so don´t bother. XD Hope everyone is content now. *lol*

As I said, I would have SO much to tell, but I guess some things must be put aside in favour of more important things.
And the most important thing is….


We got our results last Monday and I was really, really curious. I mean, to be honest, I didn´t think that anything bad could´ve happened since both of my specialized courses´ teachers told me before that everything went well. But nontheless I was really nervous when the headmaster called my name and I had to go forward. And when he asked for silence and spoke out loudly that I had 15 points in English and 13 in Latin….omg, I was FINISHED. XD
But I couldn´t be that happy thoroughly because not everybody of my friends was that lucky…v_v But, oh well… if you read this, I wish you so much luck for the reexamination, lambkin! <3
So, at the end, my overall results are the following:

English specialized course: 15 points
Latin specialized course: 13 points
Biology written exam: 7 points (OMGWTF???<3)
History oral exam: 14 points
= makes a Numerus Clausus of 2,3 <3

I´m very much happy with that and a bit proud, because I didn´t think it would be that good. X3 Now it´s over, I only have to appear at my graduation party, prom night and a-level prank.

Oh well… I have a new hair color now. X3 I had my hair dyed by the hairdresser yesterday, uhuhu. At first, I only wanted to consult because of my prom hairdress, but then my haircutter had a brilliant idea… now I have very, very dark brown hair with glaring red highlights. <3 It´s not as freaky as it sounds, the highlights are not too demonstrative and the whole thing looks very interesting, I like it very much. X3 It was expensive, but oh well… I just passed my A-levels, so I can be brave and lavish at once. XD And it will match verrrry good with my prom dress. <3

Oh yeah, that prom night… I guess it will be fun, but at the same time I´m afraid of the invasion some very smart people planned. <_<;; The plan is to march into the hall in a very…fast measure (if you know „Stand up for the champions“ by Right Said Fred, you know what I mean by that)…should be looking like the clone warriors in „Star Wars“, but we only appear to be a bunch of drunk and hysterical champion shots, I´m afraid. *DROP* Maybe I should take off my high heel shoes for that?
Aaaand I got to know that the husband of my hairdresser is responsible for our food and one of the fellow hairdresser is going to be at the prom, too!! O.O What a coincident…the world is small.

Well…what else… I´ve been working a lot these days and it doesn´t seem to come to an end. Everyone who misses me in the instant messengers, I´m sorry… I need some time for myself at the moment, so please be patient. *bows* v_v

Last word goes to Benny-Bunny: YES, i WILL fix the smilies. XD

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Thanks, bye, you suck

Mood: BWAHA.Great.
Listening to: Ray Parker – Ghostbusters
Current obsession: Being able to do ANYTHING!

If you’re seeing things
running through your head
Who can ya call?

I´m through!! YAYAYAY!!!! My a-level exams are finally over!!
Yesterday was my last exam, the oral one in history. I studied very hard for this one over the last week, because I was afraid of this exam the most. Plus I developed the strong urge to take revenge for my girls, who have been not very lucky in that exam, which made me a bit sad. So I studied and studied and learned datas by heart and read books over books to get to know as much as possible, so I could answer any question about background information and such.
Nontheless, I was REALLY nervous yesterday morning. But I was lucky again…don´t hit me, everyone, but I knew the material they gave me beforehand AGAIN. XDD But for my defense I have to admit that I did not understand everything about that two texts at all. XD So I always tried to sound very cool and all knowing during the examination….and it worked. *ROFL!* I´m such a lucky bastard, really. XD But before I knew the result I wasn´t that sure about that all… I had about 4 hours of time before we were supposed to get our results, so I went to have breakfast with Iri (thanks again that you came. That was quite important to me and took a good bit of sorrow from my mind. <3).
At 13:00h I got my result : 14 points, GOTCHA!!!! X3~~~ (okay, I almost fainted when I heard our headmaster reading out the result. XD) Far, faaaar better than I expected, but I´m really proud and glad that all the learning wasn´t for nothing.
And now I´m FREE <3

I can´t really get it by now… I woke up this morning and there was NOTHING in my mind of which I thought I had to do. Great, great feeling. I´ll enjoy the upcoming time. There are so much things I´d like to do and I don´t even know where to start. <3 These are (amongst other things):

+ Rockhouse on Saturday <3
+ Drawing
+ Going to the library and reading GOOD books over books!<33
+ Developing my sewing skills and make myself some nice accessories
+ playing FF12/8 and Pokemon XD
+ go to the cinema
+ finally watching the movie DVDs that have been lying in my closet for about an year
+ writing letters
+ Creating mysterious things for Iri´s Birthday~
+ re-animate some old homepage projects



Viva Latina!!

Mood: super-special-awesome!!
Listening to: Yu-Gi-Oh – I´m Back
Current Obsession: The Gospel according to Biff

You thought you were so tough
You had it all under control
Now enough is enough
Gonna take back what you stole
Give it up, ‚cause now I’m back…!!

Omg…omg…I still can´t really believe that my written exams are now completely over. And I´m still alive (and kicking!!)! *_*
That Latin exam was…omg…the biggest coincidence EVER, believe me. I was really, REALLY nervous the night before and couldn´t sleep at all, because I had just forgotten all of the stylistic devices I´ve been learning for about…three years. But then I sat in that room, my little tea cup in my hands while the headmaster gave out the two choices… and I look at that one choice and read the text…and think…“No. This can´t be. You know that test. You know that text WORD BY WORD. O.M.GEEE.“ This was, because exactly that text (except 4 or 5 lines) was already used in my pre-abi exam. I mean, how much luck can a person have?! I really hope I did not the same mistakes as in my pre-abi exam. XD Anyway, I wrote 12 points there, so it can´t be that bad unless I´ve had a sudden blackout of which I don´t know. XDD
Geez… It´s such a good feeling to have this all done. And well done. At least my feelings say so, I don´t know what the results will be…but I can proudly say that I did the best I could.
Now it´s only my oral exam in history which is left. Wednesday is the day! And I will take revenge, Iri, promised!! ò__Ó I will learn for that from tomorrow and and blow them away with my super-special-awesome oral skillz!!11eleven! (or at least I´ll try. XD)

Yeah, as you might have noticed, my mood is very much better than two days before. That experience from today gave me some extra motivation and I think I´ll make it to the end of my exams without further depressions. XD Positive energy!! Enjoy it as long as it lasts.*lol*

As I already threatened in my last entry I´ll write a few lines about a very great book I read recently. It´s called „A dirty Job“ (Ein todsicherer Job in German) by Christopher Moore, and you can call it a black humorous fantasy book. A short overview on the story:

Charlie Asher has never had an easy live. He´s a „beta male“, not very good-looking, has several neurosises and a persecution complex and he owns an old second hand store in San Francisco. His life becomes even more absurd when his wife dies right after the birth of their daughter Sophie – but not under normal circumstances: He could see that a black man in a mint green seemed to take his wife´s life by stealing her favorite CD! After that incident, his life takes a strange turn: A mysterious book appears that claims Charlie to be an „agent of death“, a person who steals the sould of dying people and sells them in his shop to people who don´t have a sould! Plus, he has to deal with the cruel goddesses of Death, the Morrigans, his daughter who can kill people by calling them „Mietzi“, two giant hellhounds who like to rape his whole body and the…end of the world? Not the best job.

What makes this book very special is not the plot. The plot is crazy, but stupid, if there wasn´t the author´s  absolutely deep black humour. Really, I couldn´t help but laughing my head of while reading the book, because sometimes it´s just…evil. XD A very good book for those people who like evil and trivial humour a´la Terry Pratchett (forget him – Christopher Moore is WAY better!!) and need to get a …well, different view on all these death/paradise/reanimation myths.
I just started to read another book by this author…it´s called „The Gospel according to Biff“ (Die Bibel nach Biff), which is a satire about Jesus´ unknown teenage days, told by his childhood friend Biff. Great, great story. I will be writing more about it when I finished it. ^^

So…enough now. *tired* I need some sleep after that last horror night. XD

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…and what´s your profession?

Mood: amused
Listening to: Ana Johnsson – Coz I can
Current obsession: Bionade

I`ll be the itch on your back
On a spot that you can`t reach
I`m the reason you crack
Yeah, I`m like a bad disease
Just because I can!

*yawns* Had to get up relatively early this morning for my very last Latin session in school before the big exam. Unfortunately, our teacher had forgot to tell us that she only had one hour of time for us because of a class trip. v.v Anyway, we finished our last task just in time…“Remedia“ by Ovid, a book that deals with the question: „Now I´ve got a girlfriend – But what can I do to get rid of her?“ XD Very amusing and charming as every Ovidian text.

Oh yes, finally I got my profession qualifying examination from the GEVA-institute back. (We were able to do this test one month ago for less than 1/3 of the normal price in school) I was a bit curious beforehand, but it was all…well…not a big surprise. XD The result consists of estimantions about my person, my working attitude and interests. In the end they gave me serveral profession references, which was quite interesting, because their references and my wishes just matched almost perfectly. But later to that point.
They attested me language skills far above the average….and at the same time they said that my mathematical skills lie faaaar below average, LOL!XDD What a surprise!*irony* So cool…I almost screwed up each and every math task, rofl.
They also found out that I´m not suitable for group work (oh wonder XD), very accurate and love details (ne Meychen?XD), have almost no spatial sense and can excellently put myself in someone else´s situation. That´s the essence of it. *lol*
Geva-sama also suggested three different kinds of professions for me:

1. Languages (Foreign Languages, Germanistik)
2. Graphics ( graphic design, communications design, commercial arts)
3. Art History / History / Sociology

Quite interesting, eh? That´s almost exactly what I think about when it comes to my future profession. Languages or Graphics/Art. *drop* Insofar… I did not learn anything terribly new. XD But it was good to know that I´m  not completely wrong with my thoughts.

Eiya, have watched „Hellboy“ in TV yesterday. <3 I´ve always wanted to see that movie, because I really like comic adaptions. That movie was… entertaining. Not the best I´ve ever seen (especially the plot was a bit far-fetched and badly squeezed into two hours), but the „hero“, Hellboy, compensated everything! <3<3 I really like that attitude of him and the way he mills his horns instead of shaving like other men. XDD Liz with the pyrokinetical skillz was also cool, but the other protagonists…hell forget it. Flat, flat, flat. But nonetheless I´d like to see the second part of it. :3 (2008, yay!)

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In my past life as a ladybug…

Mood: relieved
Listening to: Irene Cara – Fame
Current obsession: relaxing, yay!

I got more in me
And you can set it free
I can catch the moon in my hands
Don’t you know who I am?
Remeber my name!
I’m gonna live forever
I’m gonna learn how to fly
I feel it coming together
People will see me and cry

Yeah, this ladybug joke comes from my mum. XD I felt very bad this morning, because my sore throat hurt and I was nervous and couldn´t remember one thing of the biology crap I had tried to push into my head over the past weeks.
So, while I ran through the kitchen, my father came in and asked me if I ever had drunk a certain lemonade – which we used to drink together for about…5 years? So I asked sarcastically: „I can faintly remember drinking it, yeah…“ Then my mother came in and said: „Yes, this could be! I´m sure it was in your past life as a ladybug!“ ….we looked at her and suddenly all the three of us began to laugh very loudly, I don´t know…this was kinda relieving, even though the joke made absolutely no sense. XD But I felt better after it and stopped seeing things in such a pessimistic way.

And THEN, when I came to school and looked at the two exam choices…it was like…dunno, the biggest luck a person can have. XD The first choice was absolutely crappy…metabolism and stuff. And the second choice was about….slugs. No kidding. It was about slugs and their evolution. And this was EXACTLY what I read yesterday night (not exactly about slugs, but about this evolutional issues). I mean, what did I do to have such a big luck?XDD
I mean, I don´t think it´s a guarantee to get a good mark after all (because I totally suck in biology), but it was a chance. If it´s 5 points, I´ll be very happy. X3 Now I´m eased to a very big amount and everything looks much brighter now. NEVER EVER WRITE ABOUT BIOLOGY AGAIN, yeaaaah!!! <3<3 Is anyone interested in my biology notes and books? XD Otherwise I´ll BURN the whole shit right after I got my results, BWAHA. XD

When I came home after the exam (half an hour too early *lol* Scares me a bit…), my mum was all worried and suggested that we could go to the city, so I could let off steam.*lol* I wasn´t really depressed, but nonetheless I agreed, so we went shopping in Hannover. XD I didn´t really buy very much (only 4 Manga & one book), most of time we were in diverse fashion boutiques to find black trousers for me. XD But believe it or not, not one single shop in the whole city could offer me pants that would fit. <.< Have to go to the small shops in our neighborhood…city chicks must be all small and fat. (yeah, I know, these are elementary problems. XD)

Oh yes, me and my parents took some photos recently, because I needed them for a school project. But we also took some personal shots for ourselves, some of them are really funny/cool/stupid, so I´d like to share. XD [4.4.2013: Gelöscht, weil privat. ;D]

Mama will KILL me if she gets to know that I posted this in my blog…XD

Why do I laugh so stupidly on this photo, you ask? Well, look at my father´s stomach…or rather, the stomach he tries to hide…XDD
Praise teh shoulder of DOOM!!!
Is it a bird? Or a plane? ZOMG, no, it´s Noi trying to pose!! <o<

…okay, enough of the fun. XD I will go and read my manga now and then maybe play some FF8 or watch TV…it´s all one, because I want to relaaa~x!
*kicks off the emo-mode*

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Emo, so what?

Mood: exhausted & frustrated
Listening to: Within Temptation – The truth beneath the rose
Current obsession: everything but bio x_x

Is it a sin to seek the truth, the truth beneath the rose?

Yeah, a new layout again…must be looking like I have nothing better to do, but the red lay kinda dumped all of my entries by doing strange things with the formatting etc. <.< So I decided for a new template…it seems to work and I really like it. It literally fits my mood. Emo, just emo. *drop*
The lyrics are from one of my favorite Sonata Arctica songs, „Tallulah“, which means a lot to me and I always wanted to use in one of my layouts. Don´t ask me where the crouching girl is from, I found this image on my pc and thought it would be perfect for the lay.

Yesterday, when I tried to relax a bit from my studies, I thought I could try out a new script for Mey´s & my RPG forum… I´m now using PHPBB instead of Deaf, and I must say…I´m amazed. XD So many functions~ @.@ A shame it´s not gonna be used so very often the upcoming time.

Ofg, this is the last evening before my biology exam and I should NOT be sitting here and writing entries. Especially because I still need to read about…50 pages…>_< This is gonna be a hard night…plus, I´m becoming ill. *sob* My throat hurts and I feel kinda flabby…great…if it´s getting worse I will have to go to the doctor and eat lots of antibiotica. XD Screw this all, really…I don´t want it anymore…

Hm… because I had a quite disturbing conversation yesterday and the topic has bugged me during the whole last week… I came to think about a few things. Mainly about love, and my attitude towards it.
When I look back on my life, I can´t really remember myself as a romantic person. Everyone who knows me is aware of the fact that I´m more a brain person than someone who acts according to emotions or on impulse. Some people say it´s a good thing, because I see things clear and rational most of time. Some other people call it hard or rather a poor view on the world, a view that can´t make one happy, especially when it comes to love.
I´m not old enough to look back on a very long life with much experiences, but compared to others I guess I can already extinguish some differences. I got two clear love declarations in my life, but all I did was feeling all affected and irritated, waiting and then deciding to refuse. The only time I fell in love really deeply was a catastrophe. Or rather, a long-lasting stupid longing in which I never gave in and finally gave up. Reconsidered, I don´t really think that it was the feeling of „romantic love“ at all. I´m not even sure how that feels. I like writing sentimental love stories, but I think „my“ idea of love is a bit different.
Maybe it´s just my character. I can dump any romantic/intense vibes between me and another person my making bad jokes or running away, and I do so, in fact. I don´t want things to become…complicated. It´s not like I´m running away from being loved, but I shrink away from people who have a different, more intense and strong way of loving than me. I don´t need roses, and butterflies in my stomach, I don´t need to be around my loved person 24h a day, I would never completely change nor give up my lifestyle or decide something head over heals. I guess…loving me is quite a hard job, I know that (That´s also the reason why I just can´t believe that someone would fall in love with me without reservation.).
Maybe it´s also because of the circumstances in which I live. My parents aren´t married and, if you take it accurately, not even a couple anymore. They live together because of me and because they want to help and support each other in the bad times we have since several years. Both told me that they love each other…as friend. That´s the way it is and I´m used to it and I´m fine with it. From this comes my view that men and women can live with each other without being in a romantic relationship of necessity. I know people who promptly fall in love with each girl/boy who is nice to them. That´s a fact I find very bothersome…because I always have to be careful when befriending with a boy (the other way around, I´m sure there some guys who think it´s annoying to get love declarations from girls they hardly know). Illusions are coming into existence so far…and many, many relationships are just based on illusions. You can tell by how fast they break to pieces, because one by one reality will obtain.
I would never start a relationship just for the sake of a small romantic intermezzo and a short period of feeling good. What I search for is a…well…down-to-earth relationship that is not only based on amorousness, but on security, reliance and esteem. I don´t think that´s an unrealistic conception, even if some people might disagree, I´m sure of that. It´s the antonym of the classic „prince on the white horse“ image, which sounds much more exciting after all, but… well, when it comes to my personal issues, I´m quite conservative in any case. Hmmm…maybe I will be the loser after all and have to admit that there is no person who can fit into my conception of love.

*leaves now* I´m SO going to die tomorrow!

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Summer Sunshine~ (spell "shine" like "shi-ne", plz. v_V)

Mood: dull
Listening to: Sarah McLachlan – Angel
Current obsession: strip, DUH!!

There’s always one reason
To feel not good enough
And it’s hard at the end of the day
I need some distraction
Oh beautiful release
Memory seeps from my veins
Let me be empty
And weightless and maybe
I’ll find some peace tonight

How unfair is that? The first time in the year on which I strip off my thick clothes for the sake of some coolness and I can´t even enjoy it. T_T Not mentally, at least. I´m just TOO nervous already to relax. It´s a bit disturbing, my sensitive stomach is making me crazy at the moment. <.<;; It begins to hurt everytime I think of something…dunno, it must not even have something to do with my a-levels. Stupid, eh? I guess I´m just overstrung at the moment. I´ll be going out today (to the library), enjoy the sun a bit and hope I´ll calm down a bit.

Ah, guess what, I´m not done with my graduation yet and already got a new private lesson request. X) I´ve been toying with the idea of quitting the lessons with one of my private students for a longer time, because it´s just…useless. She has no intention of doing something, won´t get anything into her brain and hasn´t been to our meetings for the last…two months. Now that I have a new job in sight I´ll definitely cancel the meetings.
The father of my (supposed) next student to coach called my yesterday and said his wife would call me again to arrange a first meeting (typically fathers…no idea of the appointment schedule of their own family XD). The boy´s name is Yannick and he´s from the 8th grade. Difficult age, I hope he´s not one of those „Yo, Bitch!“ brats. <_<;; Well, it´s for the wages and I like tutoring. It´s time to earn some money again after the a-levels (need to buy FF12). XD

Well, I guess that was it…dunno why I even started this entry, because I have…nothing really to tell. <.<;; Stupid Noi…

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Kick-Off no.1 : English!

Mood: relieved~
Listening to: Lyte Funkie Ones – sex u up
Current obsession: omfg, no more English!!

I wanna sex u up
I know the way you like it… Let me freak you out!

ZOMG, does anyone still know that song?? I had completely forgotten it until now, but it was very popular in the 1990´s… found it coincidentally by watching stupid videos and found myself LOVING it, because it´s so stupid and juicy and perverted and boyband-ish…I can´t help liking stuff like that. XDD For those of you who´d like to have a similar nostalgic flash : You can download the song HERE.

But, on to the topic…I WROTE MY ENGLISH GRADUATION EXAM today, wheeee!! First exam to tick off from the list…and really, it was a pretty good start. I hardly slept last night, but had to get up earlier than usually…so I was tired, nervous and pissed. XD Even more when i… smelled the room we had to take our exams in. And no window to open, only the small emergency exit at the very eeeend of the very biiiig room. x_x
The exam itself was…surprisingly nice. o.O I really wonder why I wasted the last three weeks by learning all the stuff.
We got two exam offers, one had the topic „American Immigration & Values“ and the other „Britain“. Both were short stories/ novel excerpts with four assignments. I chose the „British“ one because I can´t stand this America crap anymore.*lol* Have to deal with that in my oral history exam anyway.
The novel exerpt was about a Oxford student, Sebastian, who took his (boy-)friend Charles (no kidding, I was almost sure this was going to be a kind of attendance… and I´m NOT hallucinating this time!!XDD) to his house, a very big aristocratic manor, in order to introduce him to his former nanny, Nanny Hawkins. During their stay, Charles learns about Sebastian´s distant and almost derogative attitude towards this big, vast house and his always absent family.
Our tasks were 1.) to sum up the information given about the family members 2.) Examine Sebastian´s attitude towards his home and family 3.) Analyse the language and the atmosphere being evoked by it. 4.)  Compare Nanny Hawkins´s and Stevens´s (character from our compulsory lecture „The Remains of the Day“) relationship to their employers.
Really, that was…not difficult. But I don´t want to lean to far out of the window..maybe I screwed it up anyway after all. XDD

Next is biology on Saturday!! ò_ó *snores!!*
Today I will take a day off from learning…I´m just too tired to do anything.*lol*

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My new pet XP

Mood: tired~
Listening to: DJ Cosmos – Send me an Angel
Current obsession: Uhm… citrate cycles? XD

It get’s in your eyes
It’s making you cry
Don’t know what to do
Don’t know what to do
Looking for love
Calling heaven above
Send me an angel
Right now

Just a short entry.
No, I´m not desparate, neither have I nothing better to do. I just felt like sitting around far after midnight and creating a new layout for my blog. Harr.
I really wanted something…dunno…I thought it would be nice to have either a spring related design or something red, dark and naughty. I decided for the latter, because I wanted to do something with that certain image for a longer time. It´s from the yaoi game „Fanatica“, which I have never played, but own the CG set (I´m collecting cg sets <3) and really, REALLY loved that bloody boy. He´s gonna be my new blog guardian/pet/notional mattress. XD
I like the colors to some extent…usually, I don´t really like pink, because it won´t really fit to any other color, but this time I´m pretty content with the result.
Nothing else really changed…I fixed some of the links and exchanged the self-portrait.*lol*

Tomorrow will be the last day of my very last school holidays…symbolically. I won´t have lessons during my exams, but I will meet with my Latin/Biology courses to compare how far we´ve come. I can imagine the meeting with my biology teacher and my only fellow sufferer…“Well, Anna, what did you do in the last three weeks?“ „Errrm…well…like…1/3 of the contents…?“

But I have to say that I´ve come quite far in the issue of understanding things I´ve never learned before due to the great biology lessons I got during the last two years. */bitter irony* I was pretty amazed when I finally understood the principle of the citrate cycle and the whole ATP crap. Wow. Never heard about it before, but it makes sense somehow. 9_9

Well…nothing more to tell. |D *creeps to bed*