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Just to make it sure : Happy Easter!

: da~ngerous
Listening to: Electric Six – Gay Bar
Current obsession: omfgstfu

YOU!! I want to take YOU to a gay bar!!!

…yes. Nervermind, ´kay? XD I´m too stressed to be serious in any way.
…well, when I think about it…this IS very serious, I wanna take you all to a gay bar!! XD~~ *giggle~~* Really, NOW I have reached the edge to insanity. Thank you, a-levels. I´m afraid to take a look at the calendar, because I fear to react by running against the wall or raping some stuffed animal or something… one week left. Two weeks left. I could go on and on. Cool Noi is going to freak out because of nervousness.

At the same time, everything is fine. I finally managed to get that biology crap into my brain (kinda) and almost finished learning for English. Latin is great as always and I don´t even think about thinking about History yet (great sentence o_O). So I guess it´s just my nerves…as always.

When I did not learn, I spent many hours in playing a new online game lately. Meychen recommended it to me, it´s called „ROSE online„. Was can I say? It´s full of bugs and stupid running around and similar-looking chars…but yet… an addiction. XDD You just can´t get your hands away from it, even though it annoys the hell out of you. XD I already made three characters with three different jobs, but doing the job quests really is the most exciting thing about this all…because it´s the only thing that seems to work for me. XD My hope will be the big whipe that is going to take place on the private server I´m playing on. Then I´ll hopefully be able to lvl my sweet chars properly : Caney (Soldier), Vidua (Muse) and Magpie (Hawker, no screenshot v.v).

GUESS WHAT I read in a news magazine two days ago?? Matthew Bourne, my personal ballet director god, is going to stage „Romeo & Juliet“, AWWW!! To understand my euphoria, you have to 1.) know that Mr. Bourne is the one who staged the most beautiful „Swan Lake“ version (some may know it from the movie Billy Elliot), in which only men participated, 2.) be a slashor. Or an aesthetics freak.
Of course, Romeo & Juliet will also be a men-only play. <3 *squee* Maybe my Mercutio/Tybalt dream will finally come true. 6__6 (Yes, I know I´m a freak. And I love being one.) I´d bend over BACKWARDS to see that ballet live. But the problem with Bourne-ballets is…they´re so popular and famous that they only take place in cities like…London…Paris…Melbourne…Rome…V__v Screw it…hopefully they´ll show it in TV someday…*also wants to see Swan Lake again*

Oh, yes…some people wanted to see a photo of my new hairstyle, so I tried to take a snapshot of myself with my (very bad) cellphone cam. Eep. Well, I tried, but my pighead won´t fit into the display window, so you can´t really see anything but my white face. XD Anyway, here it is : Noi = (you see) nothing of it.

Oh, and just because someone send that to me and I thought it´s a bit of fun… I anyone of you would like to do it, please take this friendship test (sorry, German only) for me, kay? :3 No must-do, but, you know…we love to entertain you (me XD).

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