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Shut the maths up

Mood: annoyed
Listening to: Alanis Morissette – Narcissus
Current obsession: The upcoming (great) time after my last maths exam

And any talk of healthiness
And any talk of connectedness
. day…one more day and I´ll be finally relieved. x__X 13 years of pain will be finally over…no more mathematics!!!! (okay, the last lessons…but I´m not counting these since I will be drifting away as always XD) But until I can relax I have to write one more exam on monday…arrrgh…Therefore I was at Iri´s place today in the hope that she could make a genius out of me…*cough* Let us say…I have the same feeling as always. XDD But know what? To be honest…I´m like „Whatever, get the shit away from me finally“…it´s a bit frustrating, but why should maths give me good feeling at the end?XD

Because she asked me to, I have created a blog for my little Iri. :3 She seems to like it, so I´m happy…I´ll link it here soon…and on that occasion I´ll fix the broken links, gweh…v_v

What else can I talk about…oh yeees, the posters I had ordered arrived this morning!!<3<3 They are even better than I imagined them. X3 I ordered the posters from a print office in the net and I gave them two really cool Death Note motives for printing. <3 It´s THIS ONE and THIS. X3~ I bet I won´t be able to sleep properly for the next few days…the big L is hangig right over my head. XD

*yawn* Time for bed…

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