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"Bloody" Surprise

Mood: aggrieved
Listening to: Helmut Lotti – Gloria in excelsis deo (o_O;;)
Current obsession: reading emo manga

Qui tollis peccata mundi, suscipe deprecationem nostram.
Thou that takest away the sins of the world, have mercy upon us.

Uuuh…I should stop reading creepy end time manga in the evening. x_x Thanks to it, I´m in some kind of…well…existential crisis or something.*lol* I guess it´s just me, but apocalypse theses and such things aren´t good for my mental health. XD
What am I talking about? I recently cleaned up my manga shelf and recovered the manga series „Naru Taru„, which I haven´t read for…about three years. Despite of the cute art work it is, alongside with „She – The ultimate Weapon“ one of the most disturbing series I´ve ever read.
I have finished the last volume one hour ago and it took me into a deep, black hole again.*lol* I don´t know, the thought of everything going to the dogs one day and oneself could be the last one to survive…it just scares me. Naru Taru is just fantasy, but no one can make sure that there won´t be some freaks one day who intend to „clean the world“ – and succeed.

Consistent with it : My bloody adventure from before. A few hours ago I wanted to go to the toilet, took a glance in the bowl, and what do I see? Blood everywhere!! o_O;; You can imagine how my heart sunk…I went like „OMGWTF am I hurt???oO;;;“, but after making sure that I was okay another suspicion grew in me…so I rushed into my father´s bedroom where he was already asleep and pushed him into the bath, asking if everything was okay and such…and, guess what it was?

Nose bleeding.*faints* Geez, my poor heart…I hate my father for not having washed down his bloody tissues…but at the same time I´m glad that it was „only“ nose blood. Even though I´m a bit concerned, because he had this quite often recently…hm…next week will be his next operation. u_u

Well, I´ll go to bed now…enough terror for today. XD

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