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Well, it´s that time of the month again…I changed my layout, whee. <3 It features Sakura and Syaoran from „Tsubasa – Reservoir Chronicle“, one of those really rare canon pairings I totally adore. Since I will be writing about TRC in detail in my next passage (SPOILERS ahead!!), just one word here…. tragic. Good heavens, I almost cried over the tragedies that couple has to go through. Which is silly, after all they´re just fictive characters. But that proves Clamp´s skills to let the readers participate in the story very deeply, doesn´t it?
Anyway, Sakura and Syaoran just had to be in my new layout, and especially that pictures of them. It expresses the tension between them almost perfect (this time, the „fatal fascination“ line even fits the layout). I worked over it with several textures and filters with a technique I just got to new. :3 I´m still a beginner in the texture case, but I won´t stop improving my skills…it´s fun. <3
The layout itself is…simple, but I had some problems with the php include. It needed hours of work until everything was fully adjusted, but now everything seems to work.
By tomorrow, I will be adding the „past layouts“ section, which is going to show my layout work during the past years in chronological order.
Then, the next project will be my main page, noi-inc.

Now, onto the great babbling and whining… about TRC. (Warnings again: SPOILERS!!! ahead! Don´t read if you don´t wanna know)
Well, yes, I started reading Tsubasa again, one of my alltime-favorite mangas. Since the series is not finished yet, there is a new chapter almost every weak. I had stopped reading the online scanlations about one year ago (when a new obsession came up….don´t ask me which.), but a few days ago I started to complete reading the latest chapters. One word: DRAMA. We all know Clamp like to disturb their readers by performing the most shocking and unexpected plot twists ever. But, in my very own opinion, I think they put themselves over the top. Everytime you think: „Geez…there can´t be any more surprises!“ there will be a new, even more twisted turn in the story that makes you go like „…wtfg??“. Since it is in the middle of the night and I can´t get myself into bed yet, I will be listing my „Favorite WTF-Moments of TRC“. (SPOILERS!)

– Blood. Holy freakin´ hell, the latest chapters of TRC are almost soaked with blood. Remember the first chapters? It´s all about magic and the journey and harmless (mostly psychological) wounds. The most disgusting scene was the one when the Syaoran clone ate Fye´s eye…gweh. T-T I also dislike that scene because it marks the main change of the whole manga´s atmosphere. After that, everything´s…evil.
– Fye becomes a vampire and Kurogane his bait. [insert fangirlish squeal here] The most curious thing about that fact is that it has practically nothing to do with the further plot. It´s just as if Clamp just wanted to do good to all the Kuro/Fye-Shippers out there. XDD
– Sakura turns all cold after Clone-Syaoran disappears. Well, personally, I can understand that change in personality, it it is quite disturbing anyway. I mean, Sakura = gentle, caring type of person.
– The Sakura we know is a clone, too…
– …and she is in love with Clone-Syaoran…
– …but dies through the hand of Original-Syaoran. Le Gasp. This is the most unfair moment in the whole series and I say without any shame: I shed a few tears.
– Fye had a twin brother, who died for him and whose name was….Fye. Our „Fye“´s real name is Yuui. Which actually fits him, but I can´t lose the feeling that it sounds a slight bit too female (or, as Meychen would say: It´s the name of an uber-uke).
– Original-Syaoran is the son of Syaoran Li and Sakura Kinomoto from „Card Captor Sakura“ (!). Biggest wtf-moment ever. Who could have guessed that TRC actually IS some kind of CCS-sequel?

The moments listed above could provide the impression that I came to dislike TRC in the latest chapters, but that´s not it. On the contrary: I love the series even more, because it developed unexpected depths that are rarely found in a manga. I´m really excited about how the story is going to go on. (…okay, okay: And I totally have the hots for Fye´s new smexy looks. Satisfied? XD)

And, last but not least: Applauding, please – I got my driver´s license! WHOO-HOO!! <3

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