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Well, to make sure that everybody stops worrying about me throwing myself from the next bridge…I´m fine again, people, really. You should know by now that my emocentric moments are eruptive, but short, since after all I´m a simple mind. XD

I managed to clarify some important things today that took tons of my sleep away during the last two days and I´m sure tonight I will be sleeping deep and content like a child (at least I finally have the right sleeping clothes again. <3).

Second good thing today was my mother´s arrival. It´s good to have her here again, and even though she´s not allowed to move her left arm yet, she kinda grabbed the whole house management again. XD Now I will have the duty to feed her…not figuratively speaking, she lost a lot of weight and doesn´t look good at all (sorry, Mum.). I think she needs some ice cream….yes, she definitely does.

And…yeah, I got a call today from one of the stores I sent my applications to. They want to meet me for a job interview on friday. At least there´s some hope again concerning that whole job searching issue. Keep your fingers crossed.
Oh yes, and I got an interesting offer today concerning my artwork. But that´s still just a possibility in planning, so I won´t write anything more about it (yet).

What else to tell… I´m looking forward to tomorrow, and…. HONEY, I´M SORRY FOR THE OFFENDING ICON! (not really)

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