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The Heat within

: busy
Listening to: The Corrs – Little Wing
Current obsession: searching for living space

Now she’s walking through the clouds
With a circus mind
That’s running wild
Butterflies and zebras
And moonbeams and fairytales
All she ever thinks about is riding with the wind…

The plan to move out from the parents´ place is easily devised, but hard to accomplish. That´s what I learned during the past days. Mark and I already visited several flats, some of them were good, some okay and some a mess (positively said). I didn´t believe that it would be such hard work to look at empty accommodations. @_@ You feel surprinsingly worn out after that, but it´s fun, too. I like imagining an empty flat furnished with all the things I want to bring into that new home. I even started building furnished flats in „The Sims 2“ based on the ground plans we got. XD I know, it´s crazy, but it helps imagining things even better. And NO, before someone asks…I didn´t create Mark and myself as Sims-CG-figures. XDD~ Even I am not THAT nerdy.

Another day passed, I stopped writing my entry yesterday and put it into the „unapproved“ folder, in case anybody will be puzzled about the date. XD
I started watching „The Tudors“ on Pro 7 yesterday evening. For those who don´t linger around in good old Germany or simply haven´t got a TV: „The Tudors“ is a series about Henry VIII., king of England in the 1500s, most unpopular monarch in England´s history and founder of the Anglican church. Yes, and Pro 7 bought the series to show the German audience how to scr….handle concubines properly.
Well, I pushed the „off“-button after 1 1/2 hours, because the series bored me to death. Normally, English history is my favorite historic topic, but „The Tudors“ was just…irrelevant. 60% of the whole thing consisted of sex scenes …yes, yes, sex seels, I know, but how about a….plot?Anybody? 9_9

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