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It's always the unforeseen that occurs

Mood: shaky
Listening to: Ich+Ich – Vom selben Stern
Current obsession: thinking about money XD

Wir alle sind aus Sternenstaub, in unseren Augen war mal Glanz
Wir sind noch immer nicht zerbrochen… wir sind ganz.

Omgeee….O.M.GEEE!!! I just finished a totally unexpected phone call. XD In my last entry I wrote about the bunch of applications I sent away. That was on Friday, so I didn´t expect anything until monday…so I was totally surprised when my mother called me from downstairs 20 minutes ago and whispered: „It´s the boss from Edeka market.“ And I was like….wtf?? But I promptly switched on my sympathetic business voice (my father calls it like that, because I alsways sound like that on the phone when talking to an unfamiliar person) and talked to him… he was very nice and asked me if I was also willing to become a cashier. And i said: „No, Mister. <,<“ In the same moment I feared that it was too harsh, but I applied for an outlay job, so why did he ask me? Well, he seemed to take it not that personally (XD) and invited me for a job interview, GEECH!
The date is Monday, 1 in the afternoon. Keep the fingers crossed, people! >,< (even though I´d still better want the job at Saturn T-T)

Visited my father this afternoon, he feels a bit better today and even tried to get up for a bit. X3 He told me about a very funny accident he had the night before… somehow he had managed to throw down his TV remote-control and UNERRINGLY hit his urinary bottle, so it actually broke. XDD No wonder he didn´t get a bed bneighbor yet…he´s dangerous! XD

Omg…have to go to the citycenter tomorrow and buy some hair dyestuff, so I won´t look that scruffy on Monday. XD

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