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Eva flies away
Dreams the world far away
In this cruel children´s game
there´s no friend to call her name.
Eva sails away
Dreams the world far away
The good in her will be my sunflower field.

It´s funny and cruel at the same time that good and bad things always happen concurrently. Let me start with the good things…

As I already wrote in my last entry, I had been invited to a job interview to Edeka, a big supermarket in the town I went to school. Everything went very well, the boss was nice and offered me to do 8 hours of trial work in the Bakery next Thursday. After that both parties are supposed to decide if I fit into the work or not. Okay, I thought, this is a good chance and it´s likely that you can get the job.

BUT! This evening, a very nice lady called me…and ALSO invited me to a job interview! XD When? Tomorrow, 6 in the evening. Where: Saturn Electronic Market in Hannover. *-*~ I really wanted to have the job there when I wrote my application, so I´ll do my best to argue the lady into giving me the work. <3 (plus, the cash is much better than Edeka´s *lol*)
But the embarassing thing about it is… I have to ask for the lady tomorrow, but I forgot the name before I was able to write it down. *FAINTS* I´m SUCH an idiot. x__X I shouldn´t be having phone calls in 30 second intervals. So I´ll have to ask for the name at the information station tomorrow, argh…
Good news number three, I don´t have any extra lessons for the next three weeks, cause the kids spend their holidays abroad. <3 And I tell you… as soon as I have a real job I´ll quit this one. <_<

Well…there´s also bad news, and it´s not easy for me to write about it without sadding myself. Especially when I read my last entry again, in which I wrote about my father and his improving state of health. Well… in the night from saturday to sunday my father happened to have a heart attack. From one sencond to the other. Just like this. He´s now in intensive care station and tries to be on the mend. He felt a bit better when I visited him today, but yesterday it was quite scary… he was seeing…things, like veils in front of our faces and blonde hair. And this station with all the technical equipment and the deadly ill people…it really scares me, even more than the normal hospital stations.
Tomorrow or the day after tomorrow he´ll be moved to another hospital where he´ll get an intracardiac catheter to find out in what state his heart is…we´ll see.

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