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Better get the bureaucracy out of my way

Mood: SO pissed
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You think you’re smart
You’re not, it’s plain to see
That you want me to fall off
It’s killing me, let’s see
You’ve got the gall
Come take it all!

God, you can´t imagine just how fucked up German bureaucracy really is. Sometimes I really think you need a certificate in business studies to survive in our society.
The case ist the following: I went to Düsseldorf yesterday with a group of friends. On our way by train my mother called me and said: „Omgee, Anna, there´s a letter from Göttingen here for you! May I open it?“ Well, I decided not to allow my mother to do so, because I wanted to enjoy the day without worrying about enrollment/no enrollment. The decision was very good and the day just fantastic. When I came home I expected this letter to tell me wether or not I´m accepted for university this year.
But…well, I don´t know… i AM kinda accepted. But only for ONE of my desired subjects. For history. Duh.
I read through the letter and found no indication of what happened to my application for Latin, so I guess I wasn´t good enough for the first try. Allright, I could handle this…I would wait for them to take me a year later or so. BUT, the problem is… I have absolutely no idea what´s going on now. They told me to choose a „pro forma subject“ instead of Latin and pay the university fee, so I can matriculate. But what does that mean? Do I have to study a subject combination I don´t wanna study or what?! Give the whole shit up?
Oh Geech…I´m confused. Confused and totally PISSED, because those idiots can´t handle expressing themselves clearly! Plus, I only have 10 days to confirm the matriculation and pay the fees. I wrote an Email to the student office, told them my problem and asked for some explanation. I HOPE for them that their answer will be fast, otherwise I´ll call them on Tuesday and bug the hell outta them until they tell me what to do now.
I definitely WON´T study a subject I don´t like (I could choose between informatics, mathematics, protestant religion, philosophy, French and Russian. Yay. <,<) … in worst case I´ll forget my plans to go to Göttingen and apply for…whatever. I dunno. Maybe it just seems to be extremely horrible right now because I´m sad and tired and angry… Thank Heavens that I hadn´t the time to think about it too much over the day, because Mina stayed at my place over night and distracted me the whole day through. (<3 Thanks again.) But now I´m all by myself with nothing better to do than thinking about the issue over and over again.

More positive things: I had the chance to chat with Meychen for a few minutes today. <3<3<3 It kinda saved my sanity after sending away that email to the student office. XD

More information to come…<__<

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