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News from the Frontier

Listening to: Linkin Park – What I´ve done
Current obsession: Transformers, OMG!<3

I’ll face myself
To cross out what i’ve become
Erase myself
And let go of what i’ve done
Put to rest
What you thought of me
While I clean this slate
With the hands of uncertainty

Oh Geez… bureaucracy becomes more and more… tiring. I called the student office this morning and after half an hour of waiting I got to speak to the boss himself.
He was very nice and listened to my (confusing) story… and I got to know a few new things that help me defining the situation I´m in.
It´s like this:
I was accepted for History studies and denied for Latin. I´ll get the official letter of refusal within the next week (GOOD to know, my friends from the bureau. <___<). In this letter I´ll also find my current ranking place. This will be my last chance to get an university place this year, because I COULD make it in the move-up procedure (Nachrückverfahren – means, some students may or may not give up their acception and I can get their place instead)….depending on what my ranking number is.
The VERY last chance is a procedure that is done by lot. I can participate in this at the beginning of september, but honestly… I´m getting tired by all these short-dated issues…
I´ll wait for my denial letter… and then decide what to do. By now, I´ve already kinda given up. Waiting another year doesn´t sound that unpleasant for me anymore…

More positive things: I went to the cinema with Felix today. *___* We watched „Transformers“, and OMGEE, that movie is just too cool!! <3 I had been a bit sceptical beforehand, ´cause I´m not the type for patriotic action movies… but Transformers totally surprised me! Not only it has the greatest Mecha-animations ever, it has humor, aesthetics and, most important, heart. The mechs themselves are unbelievably sympathetically developed… I totally have the hots for Optimus Prime, RAWR!! XDD He´s only a mecha, but just SO cool. Geez. Love that movie… want to watch it again. ö_ö!!

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