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Almost Schandmaul

music KopieIt was close. SO close. But, as Mey would state: The Divine hates me.
A small  festival called „Fährmannsfest“ too place yesterday evening in our direct neighborhood and one of my most beloved bands, Schandmaul, had been announced to perform there. The entry fee cost only 5 Euros (!), so we (= me, basically.) had decided to go there and finally see Schandmaul on stage. *-*
But….oh well, I should´ve known it and buy the tickets beforehand. When we arrived at the festival gates, it was all sold out. Can you imagine that? Such a big festival and no more tickets? I was deeply disappointed, for I was so, so looking foward to the concert. Well, we decided it was too early to completely give it up, so we went all around the area to maybe find a hole to sneak through a place where we could see the stage anyway.
The best honour places we could get were at the opposite of the stream Ihme, we could see the VERY…left side of the stage. There must´ve been thousands of people, really. The organizers were right by calling the Fährmannsfest the „little Woodstock of Hannover“, people were even trying to get on the other side by boat or swimming. o_O
We sat down at the waterside and listened to Schandmaul playing their first songs „Sturmnacht“, „Kein Weg zu weit“ and „Der Drachentöter“…at least we tried to, but the acoustics were just so bad that some tones and most of the vocals never reached us. T___T~
After about 20 minutes we gave it up and went home…to listen to Schandmaul albums. *sigh*
Well, at least I got to …erm…not see them and were able to hear them performing live.
*goes away crying*…

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