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Mood: missing
Listening to: REO Speedwagon – Died in your arms tonight
Current obsession: reading a book about Dr. Johannes Faustus

I just died in your arms tonight

It must have been something you said.

I just died in your arms tonight

It must have been some kind of kiss.

I was quite happy this morning when I heard that song on the radio. It´s one of my very favorite songs and it´s seldomly played on the radio…what a pity, I really love it. There is some kind of music video to this song in the internet, it features scenes from the Kenshin OVA, it fits the atmosphere of the song very well. If you should come across that video, you should watch it. :3

But, up to more essential things….BLOODY HELL, I GOT MY TOEFL-RESULT!!!11eleven!!
….uhm, yeah. And it was quite good. <3 I got 101 out of 120 points, what I needed were only 78. Mission accomplished. <3 I can´t tell how happy I am. The test was not easy, I was nervous and stressed by the pressure, but it was all worth it. So, the last barrier to my university place in anglistics will be….well, the university. Application time will be starting by the end of May, and I really, really, REALLY hope everything will work out as well as it did with the TOEFL.

The funny thing was, the parts of the test of which I thought I just screwed were the best ones. ô_O I even got a „high score“ in the reading section and the listening part. Speaking was surprisingly good, even though I didn´t know what to say and talked some kind of rubbish into the microphone („Err…well, when I was a child I enjoyed drawing alone in my corner in the kindergarden. I was not a very social contact loving child.“ Wtfg….I scored fairly good in that one. XDD). Writing, normally my best talent, was….well, still good, but all in all the worst scored part. What a pity, I think they didn´t like my environment activist speech. And my fabulous essay about ancient monkeys. Well, as my driving instructor would say…“Arschlecken!!“, HAH!! X3

I´m quite tired now, so I´m going to leave and read one or two more passages of „Faustus“ by Kai Meyer. A very exciting and interesting historical novel about Dr. Johannes Faustus, more widely known as the guy who insprired Goethe to write his „Faust“ books.

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