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Hug me, I´m a new entry!

Mood: gloomy
Listening to: Apocalyptica feat. Corey Taylor – I´m NOT Jesus
Current obsession: looking forward to spend money

Do you remember me?
And the kid I used to be?
Not the same as I used to be!
I´m not Jesus,
Jesus wasn´t fair.

Beware, take your goods and run, jump out of the window, it´s a new entry in this almost dead blog!*spooky voice*
Actually, it´s already very late and I don´t really feel like blogging anything, but I guess I have to confirm to some people that I´m still alive.*lol* And DON´T dare annoying the hell outta me that way again!!CALL ME!! JUST CALL ME!! *screams and faints*

Anyways, what do I have to tell…basically nothing, at least nothing I would like to drop down here. Sorry, pals, the nicon report seems to be lost in the depths of my pc. But just let me tell you one thing: It was awesome. X3 Got to know some very fine people, worked a lot, sat around a lot, did not spend too much money….wanna do it again next year!*-* And, to complete my self-image of a totally lazy donkey…if you wanna see photos, either look at my animexx account or ask me for the professional shoots. XP

Hmm…since I have lots of money left, I´ll go shopping tomorrow. <3 Of course, no clothing… I´ll rather buy mangas and drawing material, ahh. <3 Geez, I have so many art commissions to do until the end of december… well, and in the new year I will be having even MORE time to fulfill duties like that, because I got kicked out of my extra lesson job, yep. Not the worst thing to happen, since I intended to quit the engagement as soon I would have gotten a better job….but…. I don´t have a new job. Shoot. I need to get one very soon, otherwise there´ll be no money anymore from 2008 on. *sigh*

Oh, yes, my father is luckily back from rehab! :3 And he´s as unreasonable and foolish as ever. I give him two more weeks until he´ll fall into his old patterns (unhealthy food, stress, not taking his medicine…) again. So it´s kind of a bitter reunion…but nontheless a reunion, and I´m glad to have him here again.
Now my mum is sleeping in the room next to me instead of my father, so he won´t have to walk all these stair steps.

Erm, well…enough of talking for today. Just wanted to say „Hello again!“ XD

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