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gof-1Holy Cow on a Sandwich, it happened…AGAIN! What does this crazy drooling thing over there mean, you might ask. Well, it´s THAT time of the year again, the new Harry Potter movie is now being shown at the movie theatres. Even though „The Half-Blood Prince“ was not the best part of the HP series, it still got me fangirling over the whole HP universe again. w01

As you can see, it even inspired me to put up a new layout, lighter and more friendly than the one before and it will definitely make me blog more often (especially now that I finished my 2nd university term – standing ovations!).

Well, back to the topic. Harry Potter and the HBP was kind of a different movie for it had no real climax – it had more of a row of small scenes, some of them having nothing to do with the big central theme. I liked it, though – but let me drop down the obligatory „Like/Didn´t like“ list:

Things I liked:

– love trouble scenes – who cares for the Voldemort-plot?! Soap opera for all!
– Tom Riddle, ffs. I was really sad when Christian Coulson was fired and didn´t think the replacement would be that…awesome. °,.° (even though student Tom´s voice reminded of what I call a gayline voice.)
– Snape Awesomeness! <3
– Lavender Brown – so stupid it almost hurt, but perfectly played.
– One word: Birds. Don´t you ever make your girlfriend become angry.
– Angsty!Draco

Things I didn´t like:

– The movie goes on and on and on…I sit there and hope: „Yeah, they cut out the whole creepy Remus/Tonks part!<3″…then comes: „Darling, are you okay?!“. WTFG?!
– This movie is called „The Half-Blood Prince“. Would have been nice to explain the meaning of that. ô_o
– What the hell happened to Dean Thomas? (you know, the guy who was mentioned for snogging with Ginny)
– Dumbledore goes Paedobear? oO (Admit it, the whole movie basically dealed with Dumbledore dragging Harry to go with him to ominous places.)
– Where was the funeral scene?
– No grief for Sirius Black at all?!

Overall, the movie was good if you can overlook some of the holes in the plot and the logic. I´m REALLY curious about the 7th, the last movie, which will be split into two parts, the first one coming in November 2010.

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  • Angelkiry 27. Juli 2009 at 19:41

    DRAYYYY *-*
    stimmt, der hintergrund warum es halbblutprinz heißt, is im film wohl untergegangen..
    yehaaa, die vogelscene war geil *-*
    ich hab letztens etwas gelesen, was mein ganzes weltbild ins wanken gebracht hat:
    JK Rowling hat in einem interview bekannt gegeben, dumbledore wäre schwul gewesen!!!
    hätte ein verhältnis mit grindelwald gehabt…
    …tschuldigung aber…er is ALT so alt…und…irgendwie…neeee ;_;

    sag mal bescheid wg rocky!!!

  • GongShi 27. Juli 2009 at 21:27

    OMfG! Pink/Orange and heart apocalypse! We will have definitely to cure you by putting you in men’s gear and visiting some monster-truck shows – or let take you with Angelkiry to some wrestling ^_~

    Harrie Töpfer was not that boring as I thought it would be. But a bit elaboration about the half-blood prince’s past was definitely to be expected.

    Harry should’ve really gone for Luna. She’s original, unique and has her own will. Bad choice.

  • Noi 28. Juli 2009 at 10:37

    @Angelkiry: Ach, die Info ist doch schon alt. Angeblich soll Dumbledore damals unglücklich in Grindelwald verliebt gewesen sein, wenn ich mich recht erinnere, und deshalb solls ihn so getroffen haben, dass der auf die „dunkle Seite der Macht“ gewechselt hat. Und alt war er ja nicht immer, die haben sich ja als junge Männer kennengelernt. XD Hm….Frust….vielleicht verschwindet er deshalb so oft mit Harry?

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