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You know you are moving out from home, when…

… you´re only coming home for sleeping and…awaking.
… you´re thinking that robbing a bank isn´t the worst idea.
… you know the toilets in home improvement stores better than your own.
… you´re running around in your parents´ house and ponder how some architectural niceties there have been realized.
… you rather know laminate prices by heart than the historical dates you should have learned.
… home improvement store staff members already know your face and your full name – and they like you.
… you know how to saw, screw and hammer, but actually forgot how to refuel your car.
… you can distinguish between ~15 different keys within milliseconds.
… you´re laughing at all the people who crawl up the stair up to the 4th floor on their last breath.
… full meals are luxury.
… your body looks and feels like you´ve had a clash with a football player.
… you smell like one.
… your friends are afraid to call you because they fear an invitation to carry half of a whole household.
… you dream about assembling things from pieces and putting small things in even smaller holes.
… you got more parking tickets from the police in one month than most people in three years, so…
… you finally talked your father into giving you his handicapped ID so you can park without paying the parking fee.
… you never go out of the house without your camera.
… you begin to understand why some people stay at their parents´ place until they retire.
… you still think this is fun in a very, very strange and masochistic way.

To make it short: My removal is in full activity and I don´t have time to molest you all like I do it elsewise. ^^;; My apologies, but you can send me money! 😀

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  • GongShi 19. November 2008 at 2:58

    … your room looks like a storage facility.
    … you’ve written more letters to your landlord than your grandparents.
    … you got to know the exact prices for refrigerators, chairs, and all your electrified equipment.
    … but cannot remember how many cents you’ve spend today.
    … or how many meals you had.
    … you feel every morning like you had a martial arts tournament yesterdays.

  • Mika 24. November 2008 at 0:50

    yay, I so perfectly understand how you feel. my moving is going to be around silvester O_o; and right now I moved to another friend who lives in Düsseldorf so I don’t need to spend 4 hours each day in the train <,_________________<;

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