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Beginning of an Era *standing ovations*

Since the hero of the hour is placidly asleep beside me on the floor, I will be taking time by the forelock to write an explaining entry.
Yes. I did it again (well…not me, but it was my wish. XD). Yes, this is a new layout as well as a new blogging system. Since CuteNews suffered under heavy spam attacks and the developers didn´t find any solution to it by now (nor did I, naturally), I decided to say good-bye to CuteNews and give WordPress a second chance. Some of you may remember it, I used to blog with its help about 2 years ago.
So, Mark had offered to install and set it up. And he did it (+ writing the last entry – thank god he´s asleep by now, who knows if I would have seen my dashboard ever again. XD) I can´t thank you enough for it, hun. <3

Well, here it is. BUT I won´t make any promises about blogging more often and stuff. No way. XD But since everything is new and exciting and has so many fancy functions and widgets, I guess I will be trying evrything out by posting more often (at least for the next few weeks. You know how lazy I am.).

As for the last entry (the hidden one): This will be happening from time to time with my private stuff (like photos etc.). Normally, I will be sending the password to all of you who should see these locked entries, but if you think there is a good reason to see them WITHOUT being on my list, just drop me a line – maybe the password will be sent to you.
Well, the last entry containes photos of my birthday party (the headline says it all), which took place Saturday last week. Those are the shots Mark took, mine will be following soon ( UPDATE: They´re now online, just look at the gallery in my last entry!). :3

This is all for now, the next regular entry will be posted…anytime.

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