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Mood: tired
Listening to: Bonnie Tyler – Total Eclipse of the Heart
Current obsession: toast with cheese ö_ö

Together we can take it to the end of the line
Your love is like a shadow on me all of the time
I don’t know what to do and I’m always in the dark
We’re living in a powder keg and giving off sparks
I really need you tonight

I have just watched „Memoirs of a Geisha“ on TV, but still don´t seem to find any sleep, so I will be posting another entry and hope sleep´ll overwhelm me after the first lines, as it always does. XD

Another weekend hast come to an end and it´ll be only two more days until my mother is coming home from her hospital stay in Freiburg. I´m really glad that she made it through the days after the operation and that she is already feeling better by now. Of course, the healing process of her shoulder will take a long time (about 6 weeks until she will be able to move it almost as normal as before), but after that, the doctors promised, she will be able to live a much better and painfree life with her new shoulder joint. But It´ll be a good feeling to have her here again. Some things are just going terribly wrong between me and my father at the moment. But her presence is also missing in the house… I might sound like a little child, but I don´t like this house when my mother is not in it. It´s big and unfriendly and quiet. It will be good to have some warmth back in our home.

Last Thursday, I went to the cinema (alongside a funny bunch of guys *lol*) to watch the new „Indiana Jones“ movie. <3 Since it is the last part of a row and I always so that kind of „good vs. bad“ thing with those movies, I´ll be chattering a bit about good old Indy. Spoilers ahead, so beware if you´re going to watch that movie!

Things I liked about the movie:
+ Best reason: It has Harrison Ford in it. He´s always best in dirty clothes.
+ Good old Indy hasn´t changed at all over the years. (The big exception can be read in the „negative“ section)
+ It was very exciting, almost breath-taking, because one action scene follows the other without any break.
+ Cate Blanchet as Russian domina. Goddamn cool and silly at the same time.. plus the fact that I know no other person who can wear THAT kind of hairstyle.
+ It has EVERYTHING in it. Every single cliché you could think of. But it´s the only movie I know in which it is…okay. There was some stupid and hair-raising trash in it indeed, but nonetheless I didn´t feel disturbed at all. Must be the fact that all Indiana Jones movies are a bit…bloodcurdling sometimes. XD

Things I didn´t like:
+ It provides no character depths at all. From one moment to another, people changed their whole life attitude („Yes, you left me 19 years ago, pregnant and desperate. Yes, you didn´t even drop me one single line in that time. Yes, we´re in this situation because of you. But, og well, let´s forget that, I decided to love you anyway!“).
+ That whole Alien thing. It was SO not „Indy“-ish.
+ Indy´s father had died, wah. T_T I was really hoping to see Sean Connery in that movie again, because I loved the role of the father. But I think he was just to expensive. *sighs*
+ Indy got married, wtfg….? Am I in the wrong movie?

Yeah, that was basically the essence of my thoughts. But I noticed that my plan worked: I´m really tired now. Will be going to bed now.

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