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Denny Crane is eating my lifespan

Mood: indifferent
Listening to: The Dixie Chicks – The long way around
Current obsession: Boston Legal

I’ve been a long time gone now
Maybe someday, someday I’m gonna settle down
But I’ve always found my way somehow
By taking the long way
Taking the long way around

First of all: A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Iri!! Welcome to the wonderful world of being a twen…a.k.a. getting old. <3 You finally made it, honey. Congratulations!

I spent almost all of my time recently by watching the first season of „Boston Legal“, which my father got as a birthday present. And I´m totally obsessed with it. +_+ I really like the balancy between comedy (but no annoying slapstick) and earnestness (but with almost no big drama or pathetic), it´s quite relaxing watching it. Especially because all of the characters…well, have characters and quirks. Those who have already watched the series before will know what I´m talking about, I can totally recommend it. Need to get the second season in my hands…wah…

Besides of that…I finally found a job, hurray!<3 Not the best job ever, but it´s quite relaxing and I get some good money for it. I´m working for the „Studienkreis“ now, giving extra lessons in Latin, German and English to groups of children. Avtually, I did not ever want to do that kind of job again, because it´s not worth the time and work. But Studienkreis is quite funny, working in groups is much easier than working with one single student. Most of my students now are still very young (elementary school), and I like teaching those children things. <3 The disadvantage of the job is that, even though the payment is good, I work on tariff base. Which means that I could get less money when there are no students. But on the other hand it means that, if I work hard and for many different Studienkreise, I can get more money.
Well, whatever it will mean for me in particular, I will need to get a second job by sure. It´s more secure and I won´t be too dependent on my income at the Studienkreis.

My driving license is being a long time coming. I still need some more practical lessons, because I´m still a weak driver. Too many mistakes, to much nervousness. And it´s not very helpful that everybody is putting pressure on me like „What, you´re still not done? Just go and make that practical examination, what are you waiting for? Your driving instructor is just making money by not letting you do it!“ and things like that. Hell, I don´t have any influence on my instructor. If he says that I´m not ready, I´m tempted to believe him. Because I know he´s right, goddamnit. I´m not the best driver, but I´m still the normal limit with my practical lessons (yes, I´m not stupid, I did some research in that case). And I´ll take a many lessons as I need to pass that examination. But honestly? I don´t have any ambitions to drive anymore. Thanks to all those people who will ask me „What, are you still not finished?“ after a lesson instead of „How is it going, do your best!“. It´s just frustrating and I´m getting nervous in the car because of that, but of course I will go through with that whole driving school thing, at least I have no choice. But not in the hurry everyone is hustling me to… rather in the time I need for doing it. I have no choice here, too.

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