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I made it, whoohoo~

Mood: happy~
Listening to: Schandmaul – Prinzessin
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Schon funkelt es hell am Firmament.
Hat je wer für dich all die Sterne gezählt?
Ein Traum wird dich holen, dich auserwähl’n.
Flieg mit ihm dahin, lass dir Märchen erzähl’n!
Prinzessin, schließe die Augen!
Schlafe nur seelenruhig ein!
Prinzessin, du kannst mir glauben, ich leuchte dir,
fange Sterne dafür.
Schlafe nur ein hier bei mir.

Two days later than I thought, but : I passed my theoretical driving licence examination, whooohoo! ^o^/)
As I wrote in my last entry, the examination was supposed to take place on Wednesday, but when I got there the door was closed: „Works meeting – no examinations today“. *faints* <_< So I had to go there today, but….well, it doesn´t matter, I made it. <3
The next scary date will be the 26th April, next week. I´m going to take my TOEFL-test then to proof my english skills for university application. I´m a bit nervous about this, because I don´t really know how to prepare for the test in detail. I´m going to do some grammar and vocab recapitualition, but aside from that…dunno. I guess I will have to rely on my improvising talent. XD

This evening will be the birthday party of Iri´s boyfriend, so I won´t be at home…again. XD Sorry to all of you whom I promised to call/write. I´ll do that at the weekend, ‚kay? I hope all of my postcards from Malta arrived by now.

To end this, just a few personality test results…yay for interactive blogging. XD

What Is Your Anime Fighting Style?
What Is Your Anime Fighting Style?
Hosted By Anime and Fandom

That´s funny, I just dreamed that I was a magician last night. XD!

What Kind Of Villain Are You?
What Kind Of Villain Are You?
Hosted By Anime and Fandom

Lol. Being the uber badass sounds like fun, but I don´t think that´s me. XD

What catgirl are you?

Quiz By

HOLY CRAP, I didn´t manipulate that one!!!XDD (anyone who doesn´t know why I´m laughing like mad…you don´t need to know. XD)

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