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Examination preparation – Vol.I

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Yes, tomorrow will be it: My theoretical examination for the driving license. *le GASP* It should be no problem, since I worked through the whole book and almost all of the testing sheets…but yet, I´m a bit nervous. I´m still making some mistakes, stupid ones, and that´s bugging me. I think I´m just to perfectionistic in this case. 3_3 Well, anyways, wish me good luck for tomorrow, everyone.

Since I don´t have the nerves to think about cars and traffic and the whole stuff, I was filling out another survey. You know the procedure, post this in your blog/lifejournal/myspace/blah or post it here in my comment system. :3

unusual questions
If you were getting married tomorrow, who would be your made of honor?: It´s called MAID of honor, dude. *drop* Well, I would be forcing Meychen to come over from the usa…TONIGHT!XD
Have you ever sat on a rooftop?: I really can´t remember, but I think no. o_o
If you could live the life of a character in any movie, who would it be?: Good question…I´d probably be a Disney character, because they get everything they want and live happily ever after. Isn´t that the way everyone of us wants their life to be
Have you ever snuck anyone into your house?: No, but out of my house. 😀
Do you memorize random facts?: Yes, unfortunately…rather than the important facts. 9_9
Good advice you wish someone would have shared with you?: „Don´t eat that feta cheese pie.“
If you became famous, would there be incriminating pictures that show up?: *cough* Erm…yeah, I guess so…*looks at shota anime series…pictures…photos…and stuff*
What’s the last compliment you gave? received?: I´m bad in giving compliments. XD Must have been something like „I like that side about you“ or something. Recieved: „Your cheekbones are really sexy.“
Name one thing that most people don’t know about you.: I was born as a boy. Duh!! …. nah, just kidding. XD Erm…maybe the fact that I´m a really good politeness smiler?
Have you ever fallen in love with a best friend?: Hell, no. I´m not the self-destructive person.
Worst life mistake?: I made some mistakes in my life, but none of that was so bad I couldn´t bear with it.
The one things that drives you absolutely bananas?: Emo attitude. Those self-pitying persons need to get their asses off their dark corners and do something instead of whining.
Have you ever wanted someone you can’t have?: Kinda. In cases of a formerly deep friendship.
Where do you see yourself in 4 years?: Hopefully having finished my Master degree, ready to become a teacher and living together with a certain someone…and of course being incredibly rich!*-* (delete that one)
You’re having a bad day, who do you want to talk to?: Mostly no one, if it´s been a really, really bad day.
What’s one thing your parents don’t know about you?: Oh, I can think of more than one thing…@_@
If you could choose ANY profession, what would it be?: Any? Professional all-rounder maybe?XD Well, if I had to decide and the paying would be better…I´d be an artist.
If money or distance weren’t an issue, what college would you attend?: Money and distance would not be the problem…it would be the people I would have to leave behind.
Is there one relationship that you regret ending?: Yeah, there are quite a few friendships didn´t want to end.
If you were to write a story, what would it be about?: It would be rather a comedy fiction or an adventure. Or both. With kinky scenes and blood and a semi-happy end.
Are you judgemental of others?: Yes, very much. Some people hate me for that.
Are there some people that you just can’t get along with?: Oh, just too many. Therefore I only consider a few persons as my „friends“. All others are „social contacts“ or „leave-me-alone-s“
Do you go out more than four times a week?: As if.
Finish the sentence
The funniest thing that has ever happened to me was…: when a man on a bicycle drove into the bushes because of my cosplay (black bride), waha. XD
People would say that I’m…: quiet.
My past is…: pretty normal, I guess.
I have a low tolerance of…: egoism.
I spend too much time…: in front of the pc. @,@
My thoughts are…: twisted?
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