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Mood: relieved
Listening to: Schandmaul – Frei
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Und ich hoffe und ich lache
und ich laufe und ich lebe.
Ich hoffe und ich lache
und ich laufe und bin frei!

Yes, the new Schandmaul album finally came out!!*__*~ I was waiting for it for so long, but had to wait until I got home from Malta. But NOW I have it and really like it. It´s much more rock in it than in the albums before, but also more fairytale lyrics. The last album was more the…well psychic, with self-discovery dealing work (but veeeery good nontheless!!), but „Anderswelt“ reminds me of Schandmaul´s older works. It also has melodies in it…wow…for the first time I thought that some of the songs would be better without the voice.
I still have to listen to the songs even more, so my judgement will be more funded, but I already have some favorites: „Frei“, „Königin“, „Krieger“ and „Stunde des Lichts“. <3 „Die Braut“ is a very nice song as well, because I think it could be a sequel to an older song of Schandmaul, „Willst du?“, which I really liked. X3
You see, I can totally recommend the new album. Just listen to it, give it the time to get into your brain and everything will be fine. XD

Well, not all things are wholeheartedly good these days. You may remember „Beast Angels“, the artist circle I took part in. It was being closed, right after I had decided to take a break from the circle activities due to my spare time and my sinking delight for the project. There were just too much backlashes, and Safaia (who founded and organized the circle) didn´t find the time and the energy anymore to reanimate the almost dead project. So, it´s over now. On one hand, I feel kinda relieved. Now I can concentrate on other graphic tasks away from the Yaoi genre, have no deadlines but my own to fulfill and can practically draw what and when I want. A pretty good feeling, I can tell you.
But on the other hand it´s hard to let a project go in which I have put all my energy and effort for almost a year. Well, I will try to sell the finished posters and postcards on my own, and Safaia and me will try to stay in contact.

So, what will be my plans in case of art for the next time?
Currently, I´m working on my doujinshi contribution for the connichi 2008. I re-wrote an old fanfiction of mine for it, some of my readers may know it. But I´m not telling anyone which one it is. XP Well, it will be a romantic comedy kitsch manga, the first one I´ve ever drawn. *lol* Normally I´m more the all around comedy artist, so let´s see if I´m able to try out new ways. :3

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