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Malta from A to Z

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In the sea the fish have learned to fly
On a moonlit night on wings of silver
As the enchanted stars sail serenely by
Do they know where do unicorns go?
Where winged horses fly?

It´s been a while, I know, but I´m still alive. :3
I just returned from my vacation to the mediterranean island of Malta by yesterday and still have to fight the consequences of the climate change. After being in a country that warm and sunny, everything here seems so uninviting in case of the weather. T-T I wanna go back to Malta right now…not only because of the weather. It was nice to experience a different culture, see new things and have some carefree time alone with my love. Well, it can´t be helped, the daily routine will be taking over me soon again… not the worst thing either, though. I desperately missed my simple, plain salami pizzas, bwaha.

Since I´m quite a bit lazy, I won´t write down a whole chronological journey report. Instead of that, I´ll write about Malta and the vacation from A to Z, the funny, interesting and odd things I noticed during my stay there. Have fun, for there will be photos. XD Here we go….

A as… Airplane
Yes, we flew with RyanAir, the most infamous airline there is. And it was fairly okay. We didn´t have to pay any extra fees for our luggage and the waiting periods weren´t that long. I thought it was funny to hear a Bavarian female voice telling us how to fasten our seatbelts. It bet it was one of the sponsors daughters/wife/sister. *lol* Anyway, I totally enjoyed the 3rd and 4th flight in my whole life (2 hours and 50 minutes), even though it was a bit boring. No interesting magazines there.

B as… Bus driving
We travelled by bus on the island itself. A seven day ticket costs about 14 Euro and it´s the guarantee to the biggest and last adventure of your life. Promised.
…overestimated a bit. But only a bit, I swear. XD Travelling by bus can be quite a crucial test on one´s nerves. The Maltese government seems to have imported safari buses from Africa for their streets…and the lonesome crazy rangers as well. The strongest driver with the loudest hooter always wins the daily street battle, so you better keep the seat before you grabbed tightly. XD

C as… closed
Most of our plans seemed to be jinxed. Wantig to be good tourists, we went to see some places of interest (a fort…ruins…maltese McDonalds…XD), but almost all of them were closed. 9_9 Well, at least our legs got very strong by running around successfully…very strong.

D as… driving on the left side
Woah, that was odd. On Malta, all vehicles follow the left side traffic rules. Which is very disturbing when you try to cross the street and almost get struck by a fast bus or truck. x_X Remember what I said in „B“….the strongest and fast one always wins, so you must be very attentive. Well, one gets used to it very soon.

E as… English retirees
They were everywhere. Really everywhere. You can tell from the first look that it´s them again. Don´t ask me why and how, but it´s true. And they´re the best scapegoats there are, even better than us stupid German visitors. XD

F as…(nothing yet)

G as… Garlic
It´s the same thing as with those English tourists. It´s everywhere, in each and every maltese food. Which is a good thing, because I really love garlic. XD And since both of us ate lots of garlic flavoured food, no one had to complain about the smell.

H as… Hotel
Our hotel was simple, but nice and clean. Since we were somewhere out during daytime, we only had to spend the evening and night time there. But there were still some disturbing things about the room, first of all the noise. The hotel room was extremely clairaudient, you could even hear your next neighbor sitting on the toilet bowl. In the morning hours, there was always some kind of agressive italian man shouting at his wife, so the whole hotel could listen to them. @_@ Away from that I was content with it. :3

I as…Icons
Don´t ever enter a bus in which is NO icon at the dashboard. It´s a bad sign, at least you could think so, because almost EVERY bus has it´s own kind of shrine in them. (Well, one bus had a shrine with the American flag in it…very disturbing.)

J as…(nothing here yet)

K as…(nothing here yet)

L as….labelled houses
It´s true, every house in Malta has it´s own name instead of a number. It seems as if the house owner has the right to give their house any nam they want. Well, that´s the reason you could feel like walking trough a row of houses named after some kind of kitsch novels. There are names like „Rising Star“, „White Pearl“, „Liliental“, „Maria Helenia“ or, my favorite, „Exodus Flat„. XDD

M as… Map
A map is really needed in Malta, especially to know which bus line you have to take. The fact is, almost no bus stop is labelled, so you have to wait for a bus to come and check if it´s the line you can take.
And yes, we even got lost on our way with the help of a map. XD But therefore we got to see lots of beautiful sceneries and places, hum.

N as…Newts
OMGWTF, there are NEWTS living on Malta!! T___T~~ I´m in heaven, just leave me there.

O as…Olives
Just the same as Garlic. It´s in and on every kind of maltese food. Can´t see and taste them anymore. =_= *shudders* That´s the reason I was missing my plain salami pizzas.

P as….Pastizzeria
The snack temple par excellence. I really miss those here in Germany, you can find them after every few steps in the maltese streets. They mostly sell pastry, pies and mushroom pizza for around 80 Cent per piece. A nice way to have a fast meal on they way, especially because the Maltese McDonalds isn´t open for 24h. *cough* <,<

Q as…(nothing here yet)

R as… Red Hot Lover
No, I´m not going to annoy you with kinky stories about my boyfriend now. XDD Red Hot Lover is the name of a very tasty cocktail I came to drink in Sliema. I really need to try mixing it myself. <3

S as… Sausage Rolls
It´s THE maltese food. XDD Sausage in a kind of pastry, very tasty and very cheap. Well, most of them were tasty. We had one kind of sausage rolls in a village on some day…it was just…le Gasp. x_X So full of grease drops, uhh….

T as… Toilet flush
Yes, one of our biggest, but yet essential problems. The flush. *lol* It´s like the kick start of one of those old motorbikes, you have to be very concentrated. But yet the flush was very weak. Odd system.

U as…(nothing here yet)

V as… Valetta
Valetta is Malta´s center. Each and every bus line goes to or comes from there and vice versa. It´s very practical to know that, you may remember what I told you about confusing bus stations. Well, Valetta is very famous for it´s fort…which was, of course, closed when we wanted to visit it. XD Instead of that we went over a small tourist market and bought faked Armani sunglasses, lol.

W as… Water and Wind
These two elements are essential for Malta´s face. It´s warm there (about 30 Degrees Celsius when we were there), but yet there´s always a nice wind, for Malta is an island. The beaches are full of rocks and little stones, but yet beautiful. Just have a look at the clear blue and cyan water. I think I just found the Barcardi isle. XD

X as….(nothing here yet)

Y as… yellow stone
Malta´s houses are all build of a yellow, sandy stone. Therefore the countenance of the cities and villages is very light, but unfortunately a bit crumbly as well. The yellow stone doesn´t resist the atmospheric conditions very well, but it´s still formative.

Z as…(nothing here yet)

Well, that was it…a small overview on a great trip.<3 By the way, the new layout of my diary is also based on one of the photos of the maltese scenery. X3

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