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Driving in slow-motion

Mood: great
Listening to: Gabrielle – Rise
Current obsession: reading

Look in my life.

Look in my heart.

I have seen them fall apart.

Now I’m ready to rise again.

Just look in my hopes.

Look at my dreams building

bridges from these scenes.

Now, I’m ready to rise again.

Well, those of you who may have seen my last entry before it was deleted again…don´t worry, I´m fine by now. :3 Only had that one „bad day per month“, but now everything´s alright.

Today I had my 3rd+4th driving lesson and it´s getting better and better with me and the car. XD At first, I was TOTALLY confused with all that gear shifting and pedalling, but I seem to slowly get used to it. Today´s lesson was fun, even more because the weather was really fine – my first two lessons took place in darkness, storm AND heavy rain. Holy cow. Nothing´s gonna scare me now (exept snow), I can tell you.

It was planned that Mina would be visiting me today, but since she would  have been coming over here in the late evening, we decided to set back the date to tomorrow afternoon. Which means: Free day for me again, yay. /sarcasm
Well, whatever, I will find myself an occupation. Since my mood is very good, almost everything will do. X3
(Ah, is there anyone here who know something like an hotel owner or something? Who would like to give me free/cheap lodging for a few days?XD)

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