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Mood: bored
Listening to: Delta Goodrem – You are my rock
Current obsession: Having fun with my WinAmp oO

You are my rock
You touched my soul
You brought me light when all hope was gone
You show me the secrets that I couldn´t lock

Yay, it´s me again. The weather is a mess, I don´t know how to occupy myself and above all it´s sunday, so I can´t even go out shopping. T_T All this rain is making me melancholic for no reason…so, what did I do about it? Right, doing stupid survey thingies and cleaning my computer, as ever. XD

On Wednesday I´ll have a job interview in the town I went to school. A promotion agency asked me to get there and apply to them. Shouldn´t be a hard thing to do, at least I hope so. A promoter is someone who…well, it´s that kind of people everyone of us hates the most when walking in the pedestrian areas. XD They come over to you and ask you to answer a few questions or try out samples. BUT they surprisingly earn a good ammount of money (good enough for me at least), so I thought I could try my luck. At least it will definitely help medoing something against shyness and couchpotato-lism. XD So, keep your fingers crossed for me, everybody! :3

Hah, I rummaged in my old password notice sheets a few hours ago and found the access data to my youtube account. <3! And guess what I found, I actually UPLOADED something on YouTube an eternity ago. XD I totally forgot that I had made two Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle AMVs in 2005… they´re not that good, but I still like them. <3 And for the sake of bringing together what belongs together, I uploaded the second video on youtube as well. Some of you may already know the vids, but if you like to have a look and enjoy the love of Tsubasa Chronicle:

Shaolan/Sakura Tribute – It is you
Kurogane/Fye Tribute – You are my Rock

Hrm, I totally feel like creating another amv now. o__o~ But I don´t have enough material and Windows Movie Maker is one of the biggest technical bitches I´ve ever seen. <,<

And since I was totally into music and stuff, I did another matching survey. Not a simple survey, though, it was called the Shuffle Survey. XD So I put almost all of my music folder´s content into my winamp playlist and chose the option „shuffle“ to let my files be played randomly. I swear, I didn´t cheat in this one, so the whole dimension of my trashlist is being exposed. XDD Have fun…oh yeah, the total number of music files was 4026 (of 4886).

A unique version…music player shuffle survey 🙂PUT YOUR MUSIC PLAYER ON SHUFFLE!!!


When a piece of cheese is sitting on the dinner table, what do you do?: Television (Bad Religion)
If a purple dinosaur comes into your room at night with a gun, you say…: „Sophia!!“ (The Rasmus *dies*)
You make cereal with milk, but you make potatoe soup with…: …no reason (Sum 41)
You usually choke when you say...: „Zauber der Nacht“ (Schandmaul – hey, it´s difficult to say XD)
When you hear someone say they hate you, you reply back saying…: „Ain´t no mountain high enough!“ (Diana Ross & Marvin Gaye)
Your third cousin twce removed likes to sing…: A sailorman´s hymn (Kamelot)
You dance like a drunk maniac when you hear someone say…: „You must love me“ (Madonna o_O)
When your lover calls you, the first thing you say is…: „99 Luftballons!“ (Nena…BWAHA. XD Should try that)


What’s your nickname?: My little Phoenix (Tarja Turunen, awww~)
What do you tell people that bother you?: „Cha-la-head-cha-la!“ (Dragonball Z)
What’s your theme song?: Lonely (Human Drama Q_Q)
Whats your favorite song?: Stay (Blutengel…yeah, I like that song. oO)
What song gets on your nerves?: Sometimes (Britney Spears…ONOES!XDD)
What song do you listen to just because it reminds you of a certain someone: Some kind of miracle (Kelly Clarkson….how fitting :3)
What do your teachers always tell you?: „Layla“ (Eric Clapton…whut?XD)
What do your friends like to say to you?: „Return to Innocence!“ (Enigma…holy cow. oO You really wanna say that?XD)
What would happen if you got pregnant, or if your partner did?: Jesus he knows me (Genesis…wtfg?)
Who was your first kiss with and what happened?: (BWAHA, this one is good…look:) Detektive Conan – Mit aller Kraft XDD~
What would your dad say if you crashed his car?: Niemand hört dich (Nevada Tan…GEECH!!*runs*)
What would your maid do if you „accidentally“ snuck a lizard in her purse?: Pray (Vanilla Ninja….yes, that´s the right thing to do…XD)

ok these aren’t that serious, but oh well…lol…continue……..

Which song do you hear when you are depressed?: Private Emotion (Ricky Martin o_O)
What song gets you in a good mood?: Girls just wanna have fun (Cyndi Lauper…YAY!*-*)
What song helps you overcome your problems?: Nothing compares to you (Sinead O´Connor…could be true ;_;)
What song do you hear while watching Oprah?: I don´t feel like dancing (Scissor Sisters…wtf?)
What’s your pet’s favorite song?: Everyday Girl (PreLuders…Jamie, what the…??)
What song do you hate the most but can’t get enough of?: The look (Roxette….noooo, Roxette rocks my life!!<3)


#1: Rosenstolz – Rire
#2: B*Witched – Blame it on the weatherman
#3: Nightwish – Moondance
#4: Joe Cocker – Summer in the city
#5: Lafee – Prinzesschen
#6: Smokie – Who the Fu** is Alice?
#7: Within Temptation – Deceiver of Fools
#8: Chris de Burgh – Lady in Red
#9: Sugababes – Push the button
#10: Natasha Bedingfield – Single
#11: Roxette – I was so lucky
#12: Maaya Sakamoto – Kiseki no Umi
#13: Two-Mix – Rythm Emotion
#14: Beethoven – Moonlight Sonata
#15: Vast – Pretty when you cry


What does song #1 remind you of?: It reminds me of the fact that my mother tried to translate it and changed all the meanings into something sexual. o_O
Who sings song #2?: Eh….B*Witched?oO
Why do you have song #3 on your music player?: Because it´s beautiful. <3
Does song #4 remind you of anyone? If so, then who and why?: Reminds me of Stefanie, because she gave the song to me.
When was the first time you heard song #5?: Err…a few months ago, when I downloa….bought the album out of curiosity.
Do you even like song #6?: Yeees, a LOT. XD
Is song #7 one of the songs you like to turn up very loud when you hear it?: No, because the singer´s voice makes my ears jingle in high tune. x_X
Would you dedicate song #8 to the one you like/love?: I wouldn´t dare referring to my boyfriend as a „Lady in Red“, so…XDD
What are the first 7 words of song #9?: „I’m busy throwing hints that he keeps…“ (good I knew that XD)
What are the last 3 words of song #10?: „….I wanna be.“ (didn´t count all that uhhh´s XD)
What is your favorite part of song #11?: „It´s no secret I´ve been waiting…but I didn´t expect this.“
Who told you about song #12?: An old friend of mine, Mi, after we had watched Record of Lodoss War together. <3
What’s one reason you like to listen to song #13?: Cause it gives me some kind of nostalgia….Gundam Wing!*^*
Do you go crazy when you hear song #14 on the radio or anywhere?: No, because it´s the most relaxing song I know. <3
Could song #15 relate to your life?: OMGEE, no. o_O My life isn´t that psychotic. XDD


Opening credits.: Christina Stürmer –  Kind des Universums (kinda matching oO)
When you wake up and get ready for school.: Nelly Furtado – Try (yeah, I always have to try very hard to get up XD)
When you’re on your way to school.: Silbermond – Machs dir selbst (o____O?)
When you’re in your first class.: Louis Armstrong – What a wonderful world (yeah, as if. <_<)
Second class.: Subway to Sally – Wehe Stunde (indeed. XD)
Break time.: Schandmaul – Feuertanz (Because I like burning down trash bins or something?XD)
Third class.: Starlight Express – Das zweite Rennen
Fourth class.: Tanz der Vampire – Draußen ist Freiheit (yes, wanna get outta here!!x_X)
Lunchtime.: Britney Spears – You drive me crazy (what´s with all that Britney lyrics??XD)
Fifth class.: Kim Wilde – Cambodia (Wanna get there~)
Sixth class.: Subway to Sally – SOS (XD!)
After school program.: Nickelback – Photograph
Going home from school.: Phil Collins & Philip Bailey – Easy Lover (My way to school and back is SO kinky o_O)
When you do whatever you do once you get home.: Gundam Wing – Just love (YESSIR!XD)
When you go somewhere.: Nobuo Uematsu – Otherworld (otherworld = somewhere?)
On your way home from that place.: Destiny´s Child – Lose my breath (I KNEW it!!XD)
When you eat dinner.: Wedding Peach – Hab dich im Traum gesehen (yes, I love my dinner)
When you’re about to go to bed.: Rosenstolz – Ein Wunder für mich (yes, right XD)
When you’re asleep.: Avril Lavigne – My happy ending


Did you like this survey?: Yeah, kinda. *lol*
Was it too long?: No, it was okay.
Were you bored?: Not quite. XD
okay bye bye :): Bye? o-O
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