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New year – Old babbling scheme

Mood: laborous
Listening to: Savage Garden – The best thing
Current obsession: being happy like a cookie

You’re the centre of adrenalin
And I’m beginning to understand
You could be the best thing about me

Ah-HAH!! *bursts into room* O NOES!! It´s Noi again, and she´s bringing us many new things!
Erm…what was it that I wanted to say again?XD Right, the new year has begun and I´m finally able to do all the useless things I want to…no holidays, no unwanted necessities. <3 Which also includes my brand new winter layout, lo and behold! It´s all blueish-grey again, I really like that sort of color. And it fits the season, of course. I wanted to wait for publishing it until the movement of my page to the new server would be finished. Fortunately, Gongshi envolved to my technology angel again and did all the work for me….can´t thank him enough for it. T^T *hearts* And since everything seems to work fine now, I can proudly announce my new address:

~~~ ~~~ <3
(The old one will still work, though…at least for a start)

I also fixed the problem with the small margin in the comment form and added a script to the blog…CLICKY!
Nice, eh? <3

What else has happened? Too many little thing….way too much to tell here at least. *lol*
I went to the city center today and got to know that women can be WAY more brutal than men…when there´s a selling-off. x_X The only thing you can do is snatching your article and then run and hide, eep. And just forget the old phrase „Why do women always go to the toilet in pairs?“ – you should rather ask: „Why do women always beleager the cash desk in groups of leastwise five?!“ ô_Ô Crazy world.

Tomorrow will be my mother´s 60th birthday. Fortunately she decided to have a small coffee party instead of a big family meeting…that will be upon us in the course of the year. x_X! Three significant birthdays: My mother´s 60th (7th January), my father´s 65th (5th May) and my 21st (26th August) birthday. If I´m very unlucky, all these three birthdays will be celebrated in one BIG party at MY birthday, nooo~ @_@ *hides*

Well then, enough for now…I´m tired and my throat starts to hurt. u_u I think I´m getting a cold…*sighs*

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