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Mood: busy
Listening to: Rosenstolz – Lebend erwacht
Current obsession: preparing new year´s eve

Lebend erwacht – doch nichts erlebt,

auf Wolkenschiffen einfach fortgeschwebt,

der Boden unter mir hat sich verdreht

aus Traumstoff eine Scheinwelt gewebt

Another year will be over in a few hours. Always kind of a strange feeling to me since this year was quite eventful and therefore passed by very very fast. Time to make up my personal annual balance. Let´s see…

Important/exciting/great/sad things that happened in 2007 (no order):

– passed my A-Levels and therefore completed my high school career. Me lucky bastard, muha.
– experienced my first ball ever (prom night) and DIDN´T die on my high heels. Lucky bastard²!
– the last Harry Potter book was published in summer. What will we be waiting for next year? 9_9 *still cries over Dobby*
– Had to say good-bye to my Mey-chu, who´s now babysitting children and big fat dogs in the USA, lol. XD Don´t forget, we´ll be going to Disneyland next year!!
– Did unexspectantly not get an university place. Therefore lived the most lazy life ever and LOVED it. XD
– stopped giving extra lessons after almost 4 years.
– Managed not to get into hospital this year. XDD~ Lucky bastard³
– Got to know new friends: Mina, Honigdieb, Rani, Zarah, Nika – luv ya all. <3
– became original member of „Beast Angels“…you´ll hear from us in 2008!
– got my first job as a con helper at the Nicon 07… a blessing in disguise! Because of that….
– ….I got to know Gongshi, whom I´m spoken for by now. <3! Lucky bastard ³²~! Now THIS is a good ending of a year!

Okay…now to the
New Year´s Pledge:

– the annual fitness plan : Eating!! Sports!! Getting up with the chickens!! At least 5 kg more!! ò_Ó!!
– taking the TOEFL-Test
– improve my sewing skills and therefore make new and better cosplays
– finally getting an university place AND a job
– stop chewing my nails, goddamnit!
– learn how to multi-task things
– doing at LEAST one art publication
– ….to be continued….

Well yes, that was it. :3 Now I´m wishing everyone of you a good start into the new year. Stay who you are, even though there might be massive changes in our lives.

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