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Merry, scary Christmas

Mood: tired
Listening to: The Corrs – Would you be happier?
Current obsession: eating cookies ö_ö

Would you be happier if you were someone together?

Would the sun shine brighter if you played a bigger part?
Would you be wonderful if it wasn’t for the weather?
You’re gonna be just fine!

Merry Christmas, everyone!! <3<3 This is gonna be a very short entry, because I don´t wanna spend christmas eve at the pc completely. BUT I wanted to greet everyone whom I might have forgotten in my attempt NOT to forget anyone on this special day. XD

Unfortunately, all the pretty snow had gone this morning, so it didn´t feel like christmas at all and no letters or packages had arrived (which is okay; My presents will be sent after christmas, anyway. *drops*)… so I felt a bit lonely this morning and therefore called a few people, which lit up my day. <3
In the afternoon, me and my parents went to visit my brother and his family for tea and christmas cake. It was fun, I always like it when the family´s all together and everyone´s laughing. My brother almost smoked us all out of the house by playing with an incense pot….felt like exorcism, arrrrgh. XDD!! I also made lots of photos which will be posted on a different occasion.

The giving out of the presents was nice and quiet though. My parents always think of little, well chosen things to treat me, so it´s always exciting to sit under the christmas tree and unpack those gifts. <3 I GOT A HELLO KITTY PAJAMA, W00T!! <3 It´s black and made of satin and I love it. <3
In fact, the giving out was a pain for my father. He´s suffering from strong twinges in his arm and groin, but doesn´t want to go into hospital over the holidays, because he thinks that no competent doctor will be there. This is so freaking me out and gives me a slight bitter feeling within all this joy and merry atmosphere. Hope he´ll be going to a doctor soon.

Anyway, now that everyone in the house is asleep, I´m just sitting here and will go to bed very soon, too. I´m still a bit melancholic over that movie I saw in TV a few hours ago, The Last Unicorn. Geez, I love that movie so very much. It belongs to christmas like the tree and the jingle bells and all the stuff. <3

Have a nice christmas evening and happy holidays, everybody! :3

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