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Mood: undecisive
Listening to: Evanescence – Good enough (acoustic)
Current obsession: hating my internet

and I’m still waiting for the rain to fall

pour real life down on me

cause I can’t hold on to anything this good


am I good enough

for you to love me too?

First of all: Isn´t that icon just TOTALLY adorable?! T^T I found it by accident a few days ago and always wanted to use it here, because I just love it. I want that little skull thingie as a plushie!! Anybody here who would try to sew it for me?XD Or at least know where to find more of these?

Man, my internet totally sucks today. <_< It kept on connecting and disconnecting the whole day through and all my downloads are like….well….you know. Quite un-finished. Annoying, totally annoying. Just like my extra lesson kid, who will come here tomorrow afternoon for the very last time, for heaven´s sake! I´m going to torture her with subjunctive and grammar and other nice things, harr. Like I always do, but this time I JUST WON´T MIND if she won´t keep it in her brain. Bwaha.

Mothers can be so scary. Mine walked into my room a few hours ago, tears in her eyes and drained as if someone had died. Well, okay, this part was actually true, but nevermind. I – totally scared – asked her what was wrong and she started sobbing again and said:
„Oh my gooood…. the way Dobby died…. and Harry digged that grave….that was just too… too sad!!“
(Yes, she´s currently reading Harry Potter & the Deathly Hollows. Sorry for spoiling, people, thanks goes to my mom. XDD) Omgee… and the most scraing part of it was… well, I could TOTALLY understand her feelings. T^T Even though it´s pretty silly to sob over a book character´s death…but….DOBBY! *squeals*

Anyway, since I won´t be quite available during the next days I´ll post a few more *drum roll* personality test results! I cleared out my browser favorites and took some of the old tests again (geez, my entries always sound as if I have nothing better to do than taking tests in the internet and stuff like that. XDD). Have fun, make yourself a couple of merry days! X3

Discover your Zodiac Personality @ Quiz Me

Often indecisive? Yessir. 9_9
Quiz Me
Noi was
a Successful Cult Leader
in a past life.
Discover your past lives @ Quiz Me

We all knew this before, didn´t we? XD

discover your inner candy heart @ quiz me

Should´ve known this before. <3

How evil are you?

O__O Now that´s….uh. *stares* The funniest thing about this one is – I took that test a few years ago, and back then my result was „you´re good“. Wtf, I´m getting more and more angelic with each year??XD

*leaves for sleeping*~

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