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Craptastic Day

Mood: annoyed
Listening to: Vanilla Ninja – Dangerzone
Current obsession: being annoyed and sulking

Welcome to the dangerzone
Feel the poison in my vains

I should have known that this day would become catastrophic when I got up at 6 this morning. I had to be at the doctor´s surgery very early, because I was supposed to have some blood samples taken from me for health´s sake. And when I took a step out of my door I was like: „…what in heaven´s name am i DOING here at this time…?!“ I mean, it was all dark and cold and I had not been allowed to have any breakfast. <_< Okay, that was the worst thing about it all… the venipuncture didn´t hurt at all and I did not faint or something.

When I got home after that I coiled up in my bed with the intention to sleep an hour or so….but ended up snoring until noon. XD
Sounds like a relaxing „morning“, eh? Well, the stress about it all actually started after I got up. My parents are both loaded with….like….live ammunition or something like that because of the moving. x_X They don´t manage to meet each other without starting a quarrel. I stopped counting how many times I got bitched at, but it annoys the hell outta me, really.
Oh yes…and the big surprise is, my extra lesson student abandoned me. AGAIN. I was sitting here and waited for about two hours, tried to call her….but no answer. Then, just a few minutes ago, I got a short message: „Sorry, but I wanted to come on Wednesday, is that okay for you?“ …….wanna hit something VERY hard. Thanks for screwing up my day, brat.

Whatever…different topic: Those of you who haven´t noticed by now or didn´t get my message, I got a new mail address : <3<3 Thanks to GongShi (also known as the mysterious Mr. Boyfriend, according to Iri.*lol*) I got my own domain which will also be hosting my blog in future. Thanks again so much for it! T^T~

Well now, enough babbling for the moment.

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