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Gonna dream about bread

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Okay now, just a short entry before I´ll fall into my bed and sleep the 7 hours I have until I have to get up again. =_=
Had my trial hours in the bakery today… I started at 12 am and the first thing I did after getting my working clothes (which were FAR too big for me, because they did not find anything in my size and gave me the shirt of an ex-worker, lol) was… standing around and doing simply nothing. XD But well, I had 8 hours of time there, and with every hour the work became better and more interesting. I had to bake several pieces of pastry, rolls, bread and things like that, clean the shop and the place in front of it every hour, cut the bread, getting new frozen pieces from the cold storage house and things like that. My lead worker was a veeery nice and funny lady, and a guy from the butcher´s shop next-door even tried to flirt with me, LOL. He gave me a candy everytime he crossed my path, it was funny. XD Hed told me that the applicant before me was a fat and unfriendly girl, so he was lucky to see a pretty face there again. XDD Oh well….everyone was very nice to me and even answered the most stupid questions I asked.
Shortly said, the trial was nice and I had a very good time. The boss and my preworker both wanted me to accept their job offer. And I won´t take the job. Duh.
The reason is very simple: Too much work for too little money. The payment is a joke, really… 55 hours a month – 335 Euro…AND I have to pay for my clothes´ cleaning. No sir.
I call the boss tomorrow and tell him I don´t want to work for him. It´s a shame, because if I would get the 400 Euro promised in the announcement, I would definitely have accepted the job offer, because the work was hard, but interesting.
Will have to wait for Saturn to answer me…

Tomorrow I´ll have to get up at 7 o´clock because it´s time for the trip to Hamburg. <3 And after that I´ll lock myself in my room and won´t come out until I´ll have slept at least 20 hours!!XD

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