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Seal noises are fun to imitate ö_ö

Mood: bit tired, but good
Listening to: M.O.V.E. – Dogfight
Current obsession: downloading Sims2-thingies

Baby, this is your ecstasy Your enchanting dream is here, a backfire that rips through the shimmering heat
Throw away the past, it’s time to rocket dance (DOGFIGHT!)
If you’re pained by your unvoiced wishes, step right up, you’re big time gambler
Your foolishness is a beautiful curve in this crazy game

Whee, weekend is already over, the time flew so fast. u_u Anyway, I again had a very good time with Mina alone at home.*lol* We were lazy as always, I only left the room to cook our meals and go to the toilet. *rofl* Okay, not quite, the first two days we actually DID something else but sitting around. XD
Mina arrived friday afternoon and we spend our evening with watching the first two „Neon Genesis Evangelion“ boxes. *___*~ I totally forgot how GREAT this anime is…still one of my favorites. Anyway, because I was to lazy to cook we ordered chinese food, yay. XD Very chilly evening. We stopped watching EVA for….watching a TV show, lol. XD
On Saturday I forced Mina to go to the citycenter, because I wanted to buy a second controller for my PS2. Geez, it looked like Hannover had become a tourist center over the weekend. oO So many people…We needed ages to walk across the electro market, but I finally got my controller. It´s dark red~ <3
The rest of the weekend…well, nevermind. XD We did a LOT of writing, it was so much fun. X3! Unfortunately, I exactly know that Mina never posts that regularly once she will be back at home. *drops* Always have to remind her and stuff…but, oh well, I´ll feed on this weekend until the next time I´ll have her in my realm, muaha. XD

The upcoming time will be a bit hard for me, because there are two good-byes to say.
This Friday will be the last meeting with my friend Felix before he´ll move to Neu Isenburg a few days after. This will be pretty tough for me, because he´s one of my oldest and dearest friends. He was one of the very few people in my area I was meeting regularly during the last days, and even though we had our problematic times I think I´ll really miss him and our meetings. Hope the contact won´t break by the distance…
The second good-bye came suddenly. I got a call from my mother on saturday: Our farm in Schleswig-Holstein will finally be sold. The contract will be signed by the new owner on next friday. After seven long years it´s finally done. I can see that my parents are really, really eased, and I am, too. The farm had become a real burden over the last years, when the new owner (Mr. Knuti….yes, his real Name. XD) pays the price we´ll finally be able to pay our debts to a big amount.
Nonetheless I´m a bit sad. I was literally raised on that farm and have so many happy memories of my time there. But it´s good the way it is…

Gweh…the new layout will come soon. <_<;; Didn´t have the time yet.

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