Idiotic issues of the week

Mood: laborsome
Listening to: Rhapsody – Emerald Sword
Current obsession: Ragnarok Online AGAIN

For the king, for the land, for the mountains,
for the green valleys where dragons fly,
for the glory, the power to beat the dark lord,
I will search for the emerald sword.

The last really was full of headbutts, things that I can just shake my head about. Oh well…

I was on a local medieval event last sunday. It had been raining cats and dogs the week before so I couldn´t go there, but sunday would have been the very last day, so I decided to go anyway. The weather was cold, wet and stormy, so I couldn´t really enjoy the event, which was really, really funny and interesting. I bought two mugs of hot cherry wine to get myself a bit warmer and ended up walking slight sinuous lines….uhm. XDD But the wine was VERY good and it kept me at least a bit warm. Unfortunately, everything was REALLY expensive, so I didn´t buy anything but a small present.
I took a few photos with my super-special-awesome NEW camera (had to reclaim the last one because the batteries would empty after 5 minutes or so. <.<):

Some medieval band…look at that DOG! XD

Some knights…I totally have the hots for the black knight in the background. <3<3

Noi: *shivers* *drinks* *shivers* *looking emo* *stare*

Uhh, have to leave now…will continue this entry later~

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