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Preparing for the laziness

Mood: chilly
Listening to: Amy Winehouse – Will you still love me tomorrow?
Current obsession: doing nonsense

I’d like to know that your love
Is love I can be sure of
So tell me now, cause I won’t ask again
Will you still love me tomorrow?

Amy Winehouse is one of those artists I would never have spent any attention to if she wasn´t permanently in the yellow press. Really, I´ve never heard about her until all those stories about drug abuse and rehab clinics came up, so I got a bit interested, because everyone talked about what a pity it was that such a talented and brillant young singer fell on alcohol and drugs.
Anyway, I downloaded some of her songs and I have to say…she really IS talented, I really like her deep and breathy voice. ö_ö AND she did a jazzy cover version of „Will you still love me tomorrow“, which is such a great song from the 70s. X3

Anyway, days are more quiet now that my birthday is over. I do a lot of drawing, writing letters and chatting… this weekend, my parents won´t be at home, so Mina will come over to my place for three days. *o* Yay for the laziness…we´ll probably be playing video games, talking nonsense, watching movies and continue writing our fanfiction. :3 It´s always very chilly to be with Mina, so it´ll be a relaxing weekend. ^^

Oh, yeah… we went visiting my brother in the psychosomatic rehab clinic. He called me at my birthday and told me about everything and said I should come visit him there soon so I can see the „DDR-youth hostel“ myself. XD Well….it IS more like a youth hostel than a lunatic asylum, but all the patients were surprisingly nice. Jan seems so have lots of fun there, even though he complains about the incompetent nursing staff. *lol* He said to me: „Look, in case you don´t have a defect when coming here…you will get one, sooner or later.“ Really, those stories he told me are unbelievable. One evening he told the nurse that he didn´t like his (disgusting, urg…I saw it.) supper and if it was okay if he went and got something from the city. Promptly he had to fill out a special form about his eating habits and got a therapeuthic talk with one of the doctors. oO;; All because he just didn´t like the slicky bread…. oh well… the question is, who are the nutty people in there? <,< My bro has to do something called „tree therapy“ (imagine you are a tree with roots that are 7 metres long….whut?<<) and some kind of yoga, too… well, at least he´s feeling better now and didn´t have any panic attacks by now anymore. X3

*leaves for finishing some letters and such* <3

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