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High above the mucky-muck, castle made of clouds,
There sits Wonderboy, sitting oh so proudly.
Not much to say when you’re high above the mucky-muck.
Wonderboy, what is the secret of your power?
Wonderboy, won’t you take me far away from the mucky-muck now?

Well, yes, at the request of a certain person I´ll do a short entry here. Even though I don´t really feel like telling something. *lol*
Days are busy but relaxed since I got through with this whole Göttingen university thing. I can now prepare for my next attempt unhurriedly and systematically, which is a very good feeling after all. Even though my self-assurance got a bit bruised by all this, I´m positive about the future… at least I got a goal to reach again right after I told Göttingen they could have my university place back and that I won´t ever try to get there again under that circumstances. I would have really loved to live and study there, but… well, maybe it was destiny and now a completely new and better path has opened for me.

The next goal is Osnabrück. Yes, Osnabrück. For those who don´t know where it is (I didn´t knew before, either), Osnabrück is still in Niedersachsen but faaar in the west. Almost at the edge to the Netherlands, about 1 1/2 hours away from Hannover by train. Not the biggest city, but everyone told me it´s nice there. And the big joke is…. I don´t need to apply for a university place in Latin for it. I can just subscribe. *HEADDESK* The guy from the student office in Göttingen told me about it, it´s pretty new….but, the best is: I can also study Art there! <3<3 Latin & Art… my dream combination, awww… okay, even IF I knew about it before, the time would have been too short to apply for Art. Because, first you have to send them a map with about 20-40 pieces of artwork and then (if they like your work) take a qualifying examination, eep.
Well, now that I know that I can have Latin for sure next year, I´ll try very hard to get my place in Art studies as well. I´m already in the planning phase…arrr, it´s exciting.
And even if I fail in my attempt to get Arts, I can still study Latin, which is the most important thing.
Future is not as dark as it looked about two weeks ago.

Oh, and for those I haven´t told yet… I won in an art competition. <3 One of my pictures will be published in a Shounen-Ai Artbook, which is a great honour for me. X3 I´ll get three free exemplars, one is reserved for Mey-chu, one is mine… so if anyone would like to have the third one…be nice to me. XDD *lol* Well, this month was quite successful for me and my artworks… tomorrow will be decided if I´m also one of the 12 months in the Animexx Calendar…at least I got in the shortlist (of about ~250 participants), that´s a very good thing. <3 AND I won the mascot contest of my Drawing Circle. But that´s more for the private pleasure…XDD
Hell yeah… that was the ego-petting I needed very badly. XD

I´ll have my birthday party in the night from the 25th to 26th…my first real „party“ since…dunno…7 or 8 years…XD I´m very happy all the people I wanted to have here (and who live in my city) agreed to come. <3 I would have really loved it if my other friends from places far away could be here as well… Meychen, Mika, Benny, Steffi, Terry… would´ve been great to have you here, but I guess the distance is just too big for just a weekend. v_V
BUT I´m looking forward to my birthday, really…for the first time in years. I don´t know why… maybe this year is different. I got to know (or got back) people who are important to me now and think about me the same way. That´s a nice feeling.
AND I´m curious what mysterious packages I´ll get from abroad. XD

Oh my… I said I didn´t feel like telling anything, but….this entry got pretty long after all. XD

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