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Gone with the sin (or whatever)

Mood: sweaty
Listening to: Lafee – Heul doch
Current obsession: pack my things

Sag, was willst du noch hier?
Deine Augen sind ja ganz nass!
Na komm schon…
Heul doch! Heul doch!
Wenn du damit fertig bist, dann bitte geh doch.

God, i LOVE that song. It´s mean and could just come from my lips. *lol* <.< I´ve never thought that I would start listen to songs from „Oh yesh, I´m so ebil, phear me!!“-Lafee, but as a matter of fact, I came to like the songs very much. o.O Okay, some of the lyrics are just dumb, but some of them are really good. I especially like „Virus“ (I already know it by heart), „Verboten“ (Meiko, you would like it, it´s against islamism XD) and „Wer bin ich“. And, of course, „Heul doch“. Nothing makes me more aggressive than people who drown in self-pity.
Anyway, I like both albums very much. <3

This´ll be just a short entry after all, because I still have to pack a few things for my short trip to Meychen. <3 I´ll be leaving tomorrow morning, so I just wanted to make a last entry.
I´m VERY looking forward to that meeting, even though it will be a bit strange…because it will be the last one for one whole year. That´s a pretty long time indeed, and especially because of that I´m going to pull myself together so that I won´t start feeling all too sad. I´m happy that I get the chance to stay at her place before she leaves, so I´ll smile and make this a great week for her and me rather than counting the hours until we have to part.

I´ll be back here on July 23th… together with the brand-new Harry Potter novel!!11eleven!! oO!!

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