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They gave me the MAGIC FINGER *gasp*

Mood: magical~
Listening to: Kaiser Chiefs – Everyday I love you less and less
Current obsession: Harry Potter OMGBBQ!!

Everyday I love you less and less
It’s clear to see that you’ve become obsessed
I’ve got to get this message to the press
That everyday I love you less and less
And everyday I love you less and less
I’ve got to get this feeling off my chest
The Doctor says all I needs pills and rest
Since everyday I love you less and less
Unless, unless
I know, I feel it in my bones
I’m sick, I’m tired of staying in control
Oh yes, I feel a rat upon a wheel
i’ve got to know what’s not and what’s real
Oh yes I’m stressed, I’m sorry I digressed

Hrm, since it seems that I have to wait a BIT longer for the rest of the prom shots, I´ll post again. <,< Would´ve been nice to have ALL the pictures posted, but to be honest I don´t feel like uploading all of them anymore.*drop* And I won´t post a full report, so just let me tell you a few things…

+ Don´t EVER let your father be in the bathroom before you got rouged. You´ll have to do it at the last minute. *drop*
+ hairpins are a modern torture gadget.
+ Security men (!!) at a prom are somewhat scary.
+ It must be destiny that the most unsporty girl in the class wins the free golfing lessons in the tombola. XDD (yes, everyone laughed about me.)
+ Danbcing with high heels ist not as dangerous as it sounds. It works, really. But only with the „normal“ dances. Standard dances are EVIL.
+ Wearing a goth dress makes people squeal at you: „GASP, Anna!! May I put a leash on you?!“
+ No tears, no nostalgia, only the feeling to be glad that I´m done.

Yes, that was basically the essence of it. XD Now comes the photo list of D00m…chronological order:

Me at the hairdresser. No, the red streaks are not colored with blood, even though it felt like it. XDD

Three graces on their way to Hollywood. XD *blank face*

*bored* Tralala~ *stares around**thinks of gay porn* XD~

Survival Dancing. *cough* Noi: „Almi, in fact I´M the leader person!!“ Almi: „Yes, yes…“ (1 Minute later) Noi: „Almi, you did it AGAIN!!“

*WHOOOOSH!!* – That´s how I looked after pulling all those hairpins out and brushing all the hairspray away. XDD

…and THAT´s what came out of my hairdress. x__X

Yeah. That was my prom night. XD I´m happy it´s over now and I don´t have to see most of the stupid people ever again. XP

It happened again. But it was predictable, wasn´t it? The Potter-Mania has taken over me again, HUAH!! *____* It was Felix´s birthday yesterday and he invited me to the cinema to see the new Harry Potter movie. OH THE GASP! I kinda loved it, even though they cut so much out of the plot.*whines*
Since I don´t have anything more to tell, I´ll be babbling about the movie now. So, everyone who doesn´t want to be spoiled or something should STOP!!! reading here…there won´t be anything interesting after this, so leave now, ok?XD

Things I liked about the movie:
+ the „Dumbledore´s Army“ scenes…really cool. <3
+ hyper frustrated and pissed Snape torturing Harry, bwaha XD
+ LUNA!! <3<3 She turned out exactly as I had imagined her!….Pudding. °.°
+ Voldemort vs. Dumbledore – Hello, Star Wars. <3
+ The way they presented Cho as the dumb, silly girl she is.
+ Imelda Staunton as Dolores Umbridge was just perfect, it scares the hell outta me. <,< A-HEMM!
+ the Harry-Sirius-we-will-be-a-family-scenes. T___T!!! God, so sweet!!

Things I didn´t like:
+ Most important thing first: WHY, whywhywhy did they reduce „Snape´s worst memory“ to a 10 second flashback????X_____x I was SO looking forward to see the young Marauders, but in fact, could hardly see ANYTHING. *screams*
+ Tonks. They didn´t even say her name and she changed her look way to less. But okay, this makes it easier to be disgusted in movie six… Remus/Tonks, eww, no. x_X
+ I don´t know how to describe…but somehow the magic was gone in this movie. Everything was so modern and drama-like…strange atmosphere.
+ Harry´s hairdress. That´s SO not nice.
+ Sirius´ death wasn´t very spectacular…<,< Not worth a great character like him.

Yeah…but all in all it was a good movie. Not as good as the ones before, but still great to watch. I´m SO looking forward to the 7th book. *.*

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