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Alright, just before some people start calling the police because I don´t give any life sign: Here it is, I´m still alive, not quite kicking, but happy. XDD I disappeared for a few days to do some other things…just as working on my threatened new web projects (which is the only one that could be interesting for my readers). <3

To be honest, this will not only be short entry, but indeed my last. I´m saying good-bye to this blog. But don´t worry, a new one is in work, with a new newsscript (which will hopefully be working <,<) and good old Noi. XD But since I won´t have much time to blog at the moment, I declare this weblog from now on to be


It will be changed into a newsarchive very soon and no longer be updated.
More news about my new blog (+ the other new mysterious thingies *spooky~*) will be posted here as soon as it´s done.
I recommend everyone who has something important to tell me to use my mail address ( If I don´t answer, I´m busy or dead. XD (of course you can also use the shoutbox, but it will also be gone soon and I don´t look at it very often. ^^;; )

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