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The final show

Mood: busybusy
Listening to: Bryan Adams – Summer of 69
Current obsession: lace over lave over lace….
Oh, when I look back now
That summer seemed to last forever
And if I had the choice
Yeah – I´d always wanna be there.

I´ve had my graduation ceremony yesterday, which was supposed to be the very last formal school appointment. The event itself was quite boring and extraordinary dry… I wore my new lacy coat with the dovetail and kinda got the feeling I was overdressed…or underdressed, however you may interprete it. XDD At first my fellow graduates and I had to march into the great hall and line up while listening to organ music….it felt like being on a funeral, really. << I could hardly resist to lower my head and fold my hands. *drop*
Then the headmaster, the parents´ spokesperson and three of us hold a speech… very pathetic indeed. /irony. The most silly speech came from a female schoolmate…she´s in the theatre club and thinks she´s Marylin Monroe or something. At least her voice sounded like a porn star and the speech was so confusing nobody could follow along, something about ocean metaphors and the wide universe and don´t ask me. <,<;;;
When we finally got our graduation certifications we had to go onstage…a funny feeling. Seven years ago it was the same situation when we had our enrolment in that school. That was the moment when I got a bit nostalgic, but only a bit. I´m sure I´m gonna miss school…someday.

Today will be prom night, and everyone in my house is panicking. x__X My nice corsage has shrinked in the washing machine and I can´t wear it anymore. *cries* BUT we bought a new one and decorated it with lace and a ribbon and a small bell…and, OMG, it looks far, far better than the old corsage!!!o__O Geez, now I do really look like a baroque lady, I´m fascinated by myself. XDD Even my father, who hates my black clothes, was like: „Omgwtf, let´s take a photo!!!!“ <3 We will be photographed later by a professional photograph, I´m very much looking forward to it. X3 Will post the pictures here, of course…plus the ones from yesterday.

Another big event… I sent away my application for Göttingen university today. *shivers* I don´t believe they´ll accept me this year (because of my „bad“ numerus clausus), but I would wait for a year… I really want to go to Göttingen, but it would be so damn fast if I had to go already in October…well, we will see. Wish me luck, everyone! >.<

*leaves for sewing a neckband*

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