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Fatal Frustration

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Tell me, did you fall for a shooting star
One without a permanent scar
And did you miss me while you were looking for yourself out there…

Oh well, times aren´t easy at the moment. But I´ll start with today´s events, because it´s worth a small report.*drop*

Today was our famous looked-for abi prank, duh. I had to get up around seven to get to our school and help the others with taking all the classes out of their rooms and….walking. Yes. Because we´re not allowed to do anything with the students inside our school building, the committee decided to organize a big procession with the whole school through the town.
The beginning of it was fun, though… I filled my pockets with candy and gave it to the medics. XD The procession itself was… quite exhausting, because those little brats from the 5th and 6th grad weren´t able to stay with their classes and passed even us, the graduates. <-< I had to separate and shout at a few of them, because they decided to have a… physical and definitely non-verbal fight right in front of me. Ohhh, I hate children.
And so I hate that committee´s organisation. We had to wait almost 30 minutes until they had managed to build up the abi band equipment. And everyone asked: Why didn´t they do that BEFORE the procession arrived at the sports field? -_-
It was very cold and it rained casually, so I was definitely NOT in the best mood when they finally started to play. And I got a cold, thanks again. *sob*

…hm, I´ve been generally not in a good mood recently. I dunno, there are many things that just make me mad and angry and frustrated. I´m not a person who freaks out easily, but at the moment… just one wrong word is enough to make me explode…or at least react rather poisonously. And most depressing fact about that is that I´m not even directly affected by the things that annoy me (okay, exept one thing…)… all the bad luck seems to come to my friends instead of touching me. But that doesn´t make it one single bit better. I could just…dunno. Do something stupid… or going crazy pointlessly. Maybe it´s just the weather or my upcoming famous female problem, lol. XD Well, how does a proverb say? If you don´t have any problems, go and make some for you by yourself.
Oh well… don´t ask me what´s going on in my twisted mind.
I need some sunshine. T_T

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