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1,2,3, Kick! Secksbomb, Secksbomb!!

Mood: bwah, tired x_x
Listening to: Joe Cocker – You can leave your hat on
Current obsession: Vasiliy *LOL*
Baby, take off your coat
Real slow…
Take off your shoes
I’ll take off your shoes
Baby, take off your dress
Yes, yes, yes
You can leave your hat on…

Hell, I´m so tired. I had to get up at 8 o´clock this morning, even though I came back home very lately last night. -_- Damn extra lessons… isn´t that brat able to make it alone for once? She will arrive at 11 o´clock, and woe betide her if she won´t work properly!! <__<

But up to more important things…VASILIY!!!! *screams*…okay, okay… I´ll start from the beginning. XD
As I told, Iri invited me to go to the theatre in Celle with her and a few other people. This was her birthday present, and we were going to watch „Ladies Night“, which is, as I also already told, an adaption of a movie called „The Full Monty“. For those who haven´t watched this great movie, I´ll give a summary:

The story takes place in England around the 80´s / 90´s. It´s about a group of male friends, and every one of them has his own problems, but they all are in the same awkward position: They are unemployed and need money. One of them, Craig, freshly divorced and chased by debt-collectors, then has an idea: They all should become strippers – light work and big cash! This friends, Barry ( a wannabe gigolo) and Norman (a small fat man whose biggest fear is his wife) aren´t that euphoric about that idea, but they all need the money. So they decide to form a group of five strippers, and their name shall be „Wild Bulls“. So they organize a kind of casting in their hometown to gain two more men who would be willing to rip off their clothes in front of 300+ women. What they get are Gavin, a gay diva (who has the biggest fun in the show, who wonders?XD), and Vasiliy, a Russian red-haired with military attitude (*GASP*~).
Together with Graham, a former dancing teacher and alcoholic, they try to imitate and even outmatch the famous „Chippendales“. They may not have the greatest bodies (okay, exept Vasiliy), but they have the greater personality.

The play was…unbelivable funny! Those guys are just so lovable, and there was even a big, big slice of slash for me, thanks to Gavin and Vasiliy (whom Iri and I just wanted to take home <3<3). X3~ Oh my…we laughed and screamed and squealed, and when it was over we all were sweat-covered and confused. XD Great, great, great show, I want to go there again!!T^T Injusticekowski… the last show will be today. But I´ll never forget it. Thanks again to Iri, I really, really enjoyed it. Secksbomb!! *giggle* XD I won´t lose that Russian accent for DAYS.

Tomorrow I´ll have to get up even earlier, because I have to buy our graduation book in school. *gweh* And Mika intended to arrive tomorrow, but I don´t know when until now…XDD Anyway, that means I won´t probably blog that often during the next week. Saturday is prom night! <3

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